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Practice Report

Oct. 3, 2001

Bob Davie, in the midst of his fifth year as head coach at Notre Dame, understands the pressure involved with leading this program.

“This is my eighth year here at Notre Dame and I have seen a lot of things,” Davie said.

“I understand the bottom line in this profession at Notre Dame, or wherever you are the coach, is to win,” Davie pointed out. “When you don’t win, a lot of things come with the territory.

“This is still the best coaching job in the country and we have the best fans in the country.”

Davie was asked if there were any internal issues that needed to be dealt with.

“I am not worried too much about things unraveling,” Davie said. “This football team has invested an awful lot and they have made a lot of sacrifices together.

“This is a strong family here, but what we need to do is go out and win a football game.”

Antonio Bryant A Concern

Davie was asked how Notre Dame will handle the Pittsburgh offense, and their main receiving target.

“What concerns me is the fact that they may have the best wide receiver in the United States that hasn’t played yet this year, but he will Saturday,” Davie said. “They got a couple of quarterbacks that are very active that can throw the ball.

“They are a no huddle…they are going to be up there on the line of scrimmage and its going to be a up tempo type of scheme the whole game.”

Davie pointed out one thing that will help the Irish defense against the no-huddle offense of Pittsburgh.

“I expect our crowd will drown them out,” Davie said. “They try to do all their communication at the line of scrimmage, and I know how difficult that is.

“We tried to do similar things at College Station and Lincoln, Nebraska…I know playing here at Notre Dame stadium we have a tremendous advantage because our crowd will take them right out of that no-huddle.”