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Practice Report

Nov. 1, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – It was back to business today as the Notre Dame football team enjoyed some days off. The extra time helped the few who are injured, plus others who needed the rest or extra time to work on their studies.

One thing head coach Bob Davie does not need to work on is his coaching according to the Football News. They have named coach Davie a semi-finalist for their 2000 coach-of-the-year award.

Coach Davie was asked how he felt about the nomination.

“They must have did that right after Glenn Earl had blocked that field goal [against Air Force],” Davie said. “It makes me proud that people see that this football team has improved and that they have overcome some obstacles earlier this year that they are respected for.”

“I’m not going to put to much stock into it,” Davie said. “I think two years ago we were in a similar situation…It is certainly something I’m proud of on behalf of this football team.”

Coach Davie was also asked how it felt to be nominated along side Lou Holtz.

“It is kind of ironic,” Davie said. “You talk about a super coaching job.”

” I haven’t followed South Carolina closely because I haven’t had a chance to see them play,” Davie pointed out. “What they have done defensively is unbelievable to me.”

“You look at the difficulty of their schedule and to be seven and two…that is an incredible coaching job.”


Jared Clark, a freshman from Sarasota, Florida, was named the backup quarterback for the Irish this week replacing Gary Godsey.

“Everyone knows he has mobility,” Davie said. “From Day one he had tremendous arm strength, plus the athletic ability that both he and the other freshman, Carlyle Holiday, possess.”

Davie clarified that his freshman quarterbacks are no longer that.

“The fact that we are two-thirds through the season now, so they are no longer freshman,” Davie pointed out. “He [Clark] has had a bunch of snaps now.”

“He is prepared every week like he is going to play,” Davie said. “He has picked up a lot of football over the last couple of weeks…I’m kind of anxious to see him play.”