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Practice Report

Nov. 19, 2001

Coming off the final home game, Irish head coach Bob Davie has switched his focus to the Stanford game coming up this weekend in Palo Alto, California. He did take time, however, to point out that clear skies over South Bend in November are a welcome sight.

“Everyday you get when it is not snowing, you count that as a day in the bank… money in the bank,” Davie said.

Stanford, coming off a win against rival California, has some weapons that concern Davie.

“They are the same faces they had a year ago, but they are just a year older,” Davie said. “I look at them offensively, I think they are seventh in the nation in total offense…They are averaging about 40 points a game.

“They have some excellent wide receivers, one who actually reminds me of Ryan Humphrey (Notre Dame basketball player) out there playing wide receiver at about 6′ 7”.

“A lot of familiar faces, it is a very talented team, and it is a big challenge for us to go out there and play a team that has already qualified for a bowl game.

Night game, or not a night game…that is the question?

The team may be 4-5, but Davie has not lost his sense of humor. When asked if he had addressed the “night game” record with the team yet, Davie pointed out the fact that it may not really be a night game.

“Actually it is a 5:30 P.M. kick off there,” Davie pointed out. “So I don’t know if this qualifies as a night game, does it?

“I have thought of all the psychological things we could pull this week, and I probably shouldn’t say this right now because most people would agree, I am not really creative.

“The best thing I can come up with is it is a 5:30 kickoff, that is not a night game…so I think we are in pretty good shape.”

Passing game addressed

The media asked Davie on Monday how he was going to approach the pass defense of Stanford.

“I think we are going to throw the ball about 60 times,” Davie said jokingly. “We have implemented a new passing attack.

“I think that we are ranked 107th in pass offense, so we are going to put all our eggs in that basket.”

Joking aside, Davie pointed out one simple fact that make Stanford 7 – 2 at this juncture in the season, they score points.

“Stanford has been ahead in football games,” Davie said. “I looked at what they score in the second quarter and it is remarkable…they have 112 points in the second quarter to their opponents 30.

“They get ahead, and they have been impressive in rushing the football…but I don’t think you will be watching us launch the ball every down.”