Aug. 30, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Head coach Bob Davie has not tried to hide the fact that he is concerned about the weather. He feels that his team’s preseason did not see enough hot temperatures. While he is concerned about his team and the hot temperatures, he is not spending anytime worrying about the Aggies.

“I learned a long time ago that it is tough enough coaching one team,” Davie said. “I don’t know if the weather is a factor to A&M or not. I am more concerned about us…The weather is not going to be a factor. I promise you one thing, no one is going to give Notre Dame extra points because it was 94 degrees and they haven’t played in that weather.”


Davie announced that a final decision would be made on Thursday as to who the starting kicker will be. The race has been a tight one with Matt McNew, Nick Setta and David Miller.


Both Julius Jones and Terrance Howard saw limited practice time over the past week. Jones and Howard both rested due to hamstring injuries, which threatened their playing time this Saturday.

“Julius [Jones] practiced and Terrance [Howard] practiced,” Davie said. “We probably won’t use Julius [Jones] on kickoff returns and punt returns. We will probably go with Joey Getherall, David Givens and Tony Driver because we have practiced that way. If we get in the game and Julius felt tremendous and hot, we may make a sudden change and put him back there. We are not going to start with him that way.”