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Practice Report

Nov. 13, 2001

Entering the bye weekend with a 3 – 5 record, Notre Dame was able to reflect on their season and the games still left to be played.

Coach Bob Davie, while preparing for Navy this Saturday, was able to catch some football games from around the country.

“It gives you an interesting perspective to have a weekend off,” Davie told the press on Monday night after practice. “Particularly since my wife broke down and let me get satellite.”

“I got a chance to see a lot of different football and what I see, confirming it even more, is that we are a pretty good footballs team…I really think we are a good team.”

“We are anxious to get back out here and correct some of the things that have kept us from winning.”

Seniors last game at the stadium

This Saturday will mark the last home game for those seniors who are not eligible for a fifth year. Davie knows how important this is to his seniors, but he also pointed out that they will need to keep focus this week and during the game.

“We talked about it after we lost the first three games when we came home,” Davie said. “I pointed out if we could win the next five, we could be 5 – 3…and I promise you that a lot of those teams that are 3 – 0 because of their schedule, that they will have three losses.”

“We don’t have that to play for right now,” Davie pointed out. “We are not 5 – 3, but we are 3 – 5 and we have the chance to go out with a winning season, and these seniors have a chance to go out of here being a 6 – 5 team.”

But Davie pointed out that this has to be taken one game at a time.

“More important than that right now, in the short term, is that they have a chance to be beat Navy Saturday and win their final home game at Notre Dame stadium.

“That is how we are going about it…I have really been impressed by this football team, and this coaching staff, how they handle things, and I expect them to keep doing that.”