Sept. 13, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Two days after finding out that Arnaz Battle would be lost indefinitely, Coach Bob Davie answered questions about his newest starting quarterback. Gary Godsey, a sophomore from Tampa, Florida, was named the starter for Saturday’s game against Purdue.

The confidence level is high so far this week, and Godsey is proving to be a good student.

“He is a quick study and a quick learner,” Davie said. “But it is a different picture when you get in that stadium and it isn’t out here on this practice field… He has a grasp of our offense and knows all the checks. He can get us into the right things. That’s why he is going to be the quarterback…I have no hesitation about his knowledge.”


This week, it becomes a whole different ball game for Davie’s Irish. Drew Brees, Purdue’s quarterback and on the field general, will create many fits for a defense still recuperating from the last Saturday’s game. Davie will use many different defenses, and many different players, to try and stop the potent Purdue offense.

“This becomes a endurance test,” Davie said. “They all will play. Donald Dykes will play. Glenn Earl, (Gerome) Sapp will play and we have the freshmen ready…Vontez Duff may get some snaps and we are considering Preston Jackson. Between special teams and how many times they snap that football you have to have every defensive back ready.”

Davie also added that the passing game isn’t the only offensive weapon that Purdue uses. The running game will also come into play.

“You still have to line up and stop the run,” Davie said. “They run the football and they made an effort in the off-season to run the football even better than they have. They will give you two tight-end formations and they will run the football enough so you have to have some big people in there.”


The three freshmen had little time to learn all there is to know about the offense, but Davie is optimistic. Jared Clark, Carlyle Holiday and Matt LoVecchio are a step closer to taking their first snaps in a college game due to Battle’s injury.

“We have three talented freshmen here in this program that I wouldn’t trade for any, but they are still freshmen,” Davie said. ” We are pretty multiple on offense and maybe that has something to do with it. We ask them to run option and we ask them to drop back and we do a lot of checking at the line…It’s difficult to do and you have to be a special guy to do it.”