Oct. 11, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – With two days left to prepare for the Navy game in Orlando, Florida, Notre Dame head coach Bob Davie stressed the urgency apparent in this year’s football team.

“If the players follow the lead of the coaches they will realize the urgency with this football,” Davie said. “We have coached this week as hard, if not harder, than any week this entire season.”

Even though it may not be a Top 25 clash, this Saturday’s game is important.

“I guarantee you we are not coaching any easier this week then we did when we played Nebraska, who was the number #1 team in the country,” Davie said. “We are excited about playing Navy and we are going to play hard.”


Senior cornerback Brock Williams, who sat out the ’99 season, is a welcome sight back on the field of play.

Known to tell it like it is, Williams was rather tame this week with his comments leading up to this week’s game in Orlando. Davie said that Williams will talk, but he also pointed out that he produces on the field when it counts.

“It is not what he says but it is what he does,” Davie said. “As long as he plays the game the way he plays for us every week I will give him a little lee way.”

“I told Jerry Rosburg(Cornerback Coach) how last fall we were out here and how much we missed Brock Williams,” Davie said “He is so much fun to be around and he provides so much juice to this football team.”


The wishbone offense employed by Navy resembles another big backfield offense used by Nebraska, may the Notre Dame defense see similar looks this Saturday?

“Nebraska did some doubles which really looked like a wishbone formation,” Davie said. “But Nebraska is a two back option team, where as Navy is a three back option team. The formations are totally different…it really is a big challenge just getting ready for this football game.”