Aug. 29, 2001

Following Wednesday’s practice, Notre Dame head coach Bob Davie was asked if last year’s game against Nebraska is playing heavily in the preparation for this year’s match.

“Not too much,” Davie said. “We are kind of a different team then we were last year…on offense our scheme is a little different and out quarterback is different.”

“Last year, offensively, we didn’t do a whole lot against them, other than Arnaz (Battle) taking off and running with the ball,” Davie went on to say. “Defensively we really didn’t play that well either…Special teams kept us in the game.”

Davie also stated that if there is a scheme out there, than Nebraska has probably seen it.

“You are not going to go in and play a Nebraska and give them some scheme they haven’t seen, or some kind of trick,” Davie said. “You better go execute, and play great fundamental football.”


Another open Saturday on the calendar brings another Friday night scrimmage for the Irish. Davie said that Thursday’s practice would be similar to a Friday practice before a Saturday game.

“Tomorrow we are going to take the pads off and we are going to work on a lot of special situations, like the two-minute drill and short yardage,” said Davie. “We are going to work really hard on polishing.”

Davie also pointed out that Friday night would similar to the Blue and Gold game.

“We are going to go out and play good versus good,” Davie said. “We have to have our good players go out and play our good players…we will call the plays that are most similar to Nebraska on offense, as well as defense.”


With both Grant Irons and Arnaz Battle suffering injuries in last year’s Nebraska game, one would assume they are gearing up for their return in Lincoln.

“It is a case of them not having played in a long time,” Davie said. “You think of all the sacrifice that Arnaz Battle and Grant Irons have put in since last year…rehabilitation, countless hours in the training room, in the weight room, watching tape and practicing, I’m sure they are just anxious to get out there and play football.”