Aug. 22, 2001

The Notre Dame football team only participated in one practice on Wednesday. The Irish had the day off to move out of their training camp dorms and into their regular dorms.

After going through a tough day of practice on Tuesday, Irish head coach Bob Davie confirmed that Wednesday’s practice went well.


The football squad was forced to move its preseason practice indoors. Heavy rains plagued the region, causing the football squad to move the practice to the Loftus Center.


The coach sees Sunday’s scrimmage as an opportunity to run Notre Dame’s offense against Notre Dame’s defense.

“We are really going to prepare like we are playing each other,” Davie said. “Also we are going to get try and get good work against good people. . . .The emphasis is going to be on good players going against good players because it is our first scrimmage.”


Tyreo Harrison appears to have a stronghold at the inside linebacker position. However, Carlos Pierre-Antoine entered camp in good condition.

The linebacker came into camp weighing around 260. By the end of the season, Antoine was down to around 250 pounds and entered camp right around the same weight.

“He is doing well,” Davie said. “He has not made a move to get ahead of Tyreo but now that he is in better condition he has a chance to compete.”

Also catching the eyes of the coaches is junior Patrick Ryan who has shown tremendous improvement as well.