Sept. 16, 2000

Recap?|? Box Score?|? Notes

Notre Dame Head Coach Bob Davie

Opening comments:

“This Purdue rivalry has turned into one heck of a series. Joe Tiller and I get along very well and these last four games against Purdue have been unbelievable. It was a lot more fun winning today than last season.”

On the Purdue defensive strategy:

“It was a tremendous college football game. The match ups and strategies were great to watch. It was no big secret that they were going to blitz us. With a young quarterback that we have, it was a good coaching move by them to blitz. It was a blitz-fest. We had to make a decision whether to spread it out and put the game in our quarterback’s hands or try to pop off a big play on a screen or a run. “

On the performance of Gary Godsey:

“I think Gary (Godsey) got more comfortable as the game went on. On that last drive we were facing third and 12 and he hit Javin Hunter on a ?box-in’. Give #14 (Godsey) credit, he found a way to get us down the field and in position to get a field goal. He gave us the opportunity to win the game.”

On the Irish defensive effort:

“It came down to covering #14 (Vinny Sutherland). Brees can scramble and avoid the rush so we had to play man-to-man and they took advantage of some situations. Our defense, they can hit you, but Purdue made some big throws and catches.”

On the play of the Irish special teams:

“I am delighted with our special teams play. We baited them into throwing that pass on the punt. The corner, I believe it was Tony Driver, blocked the punt last year. We knew they were going to prepare for that this season. We brought the corner on the rush, but Shane Walton dropped in to guard the (Purdue) receiver.”

Purdue Head Coach Joe Tiller

On the game:

“(It was a) heck of a good football game. We had a lot of players playing their first big game. There were a lot of mistakes as a result. We did about what we wanted to do offensively throwing the ball and running the ball.”

On Purdue’s running/passing ratio:

“It’s a surprise that he (Purdue quarterback Drew Brees) only threw 22 times. We had some success running the football. We ran the football too much today.”

On the pass interception for a touchdown by Irish DB Shane Walton:

“I was upset about the interception. He (the receiver) was a young guy who got held up at the line and just quit on the route. If he wouldn’t have quit, it would have been a non-play.”

On the fourth down fake punt deep in Irish territory:

“It was an audible we coach the (punter) to make if he sees an opening. It was a poor job on our part not to making sure he would call that play that deep in our territory. Hopefully, we won’t see a repeat of that again.”

On the winning Irish field goal:

“They did a nice job protecting him (Irish FG kicker Nick Setta). All we could do was hope he would shank the ball.”


Sophomore placekicker Nick Setta:
On his game-winning field goal:

“It was just confidence in the holder and the snapper. The offense gave me good position so that was all I could do (make the field goal).”

“You dream about times like this. You want to take advantage of it and just be positive. This is what you come here for.”

“Every time you go to a game, you dream about it (having the opportunity to win the game). But it doesn’t really register because you are more clam than everyone else.”

“You are here for a reason and you have to believe in yourself. The people around you are just so positive that it makes it easier.”

Sophomore quarterback Gary Godsey
On making his first career start

“The first play I was a little nervous. But after the first couple of plays, I got into a rhythm. I slowed everything down and everyone was playing well so that helped.”

On his team’s performance:

“I give everyone else an ‘A.’ Coach Davie said before the game everyone needed to step up their play with a young quarterback and they did that.”

On the final drive of the game:

“I knew we weren’t going to lose. I looked at all the guys and said ‘We’re not going to leave the field second.’ They all looked pretty confident. Once we got on the field we all seemed to be on the same page.”

Junior cornerback Shane Walton:
On the importance of his interception return for a touchdown:

“It was big for the team. For me individually, it was nothing. I just wanted to make a play. Our secondary is back.”

On Purdue’s decision to run the ball so frequently:

“We kind of thought they were going to do that this week in practice so we had a defense set to stop the run. We were not going to let them run on us.”


Senior Quarterback Drew Brees
On difference in the contest:

“I’ve come to learn that every game is determined by one or two plays. That was the story today. If you take one of the taking the play that’s called and make the best of it and we didn’t do that.”

Senior Wide Receiver Vinny Sutherland:
On failed fake punt attempt in third quarter:

“That is something we did in practice. I don’t know if it was my fault or his fault or if together we made a bad play but on 3rd and 20 my thinking was he wasn’t going to do it. I’ll put in on myself because I am older but miscommunication is all it really was.”

Freshman Free Safety Stuart Schweigert
On interception attempt during game’s final drive:

“I should have had it. It was right in my hand. I just didn’t grab it right and it popped out. Even though the cast was there I should have caught it anyways.”

Senior Offensive Tackle Matt Light
On Notre Dame?s defensive effort:

“I don’t think their defense was particularly tough. I don’t think they beat us physically or threw us around. They just came out there and played consistent and played strong.”

Junior Tight End Tim Stratton
On Pudue’s offensive effort:

“Our offense was a little sluggish in the third quarter. I first drive was just horrible. I gave ND a lot of credit. They came out and played.”

Sophomore Running Back Montrell Lowe
On Purdue’s running game.

“The running game went well today. We practiced on it all week. We take what Notre Dame gives us. As a group we don’t think we did enough.”