June 1, 2003

Recap?|? Box Score

Coach Paul Maineri (Notre Dame Head Coach)
“I would first off like to congratulate Cal State Fullerton on winning the regional championship. This was an excellent team both on the field and in the dugout. Coach Horton is one of the best coaches in the nation in my opinion and their pitching staff is phenomenal. I have to tip my hat to Fullerton because they are a great champion and they have an excellent chance to win it all.”

Coach George Horton (Cal State Fullerton Head Coach)
“I think that winning the regional in three games is a little bit of a relief and I am happy with the way that our team played these past three days. We played great baseball all weekend and our pitching was amazing. Dustin (Miller), (Ryan) Schreppel, and (Jason) Windsor were the keys that help turn the motor, but defense and little ball helped us win all three games. Our main focus for this next week will be getting ready for next weekend and the mighty bats of Arizona State.”

Talking about hosting the Super Regional …
“I think that we deserve to host the Super Regional, but in 1999 we were one of the top 8 teams in the country and went to South Bend and swept the regional there and then had to travel away from home for the next round. Even though I think that we deserve the chance to host, the ultimate decision is left up to the committee.”

Dustin Miller (Cal State Fullerton Starting Pitcher)
“My best pitch all day was my changeup and I think that I threw it for a strike at least 90 percent of the time. I was able to mix in my fastball and curve in order to fool the hitters, but it was mainly my change that took me through this game. I felt good enough to finish out the game, but it is always the decision of the pitching coaches whether or not I will hand the ball over to someone else for the final outs.”

Jason Corapci (Cal State Fullerton Starting Second Baseman)
“This has been a tough year for me personally, but I wanted to go out there everyday and prove to myself and everyone else that I deserved to be on the field in clutch situations. I think that next weekend will be fun to play, but as I have told everyone all year, good hitting along with good defense will always win over good pitching.”