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Notre Dame Player Quotes

Jabari Holloway
Tight End

On Arnaz Battle:
“You play with more confidence when you have a quarterback like Arnaz Battle out there. Arnaz is a playmaker”

Tony Driver

On the heat:
We weren’t very tired ? it seemed that we got stronger as the game went on. The defense was iffy until we got into a rhythm at the end, and that’s when our conditioning paid off.

On starting a new season:
At the beginning of the game, a lot of players had the jitters ? they were still thinking about last year. But we got out there, we made a couple of stops, and we said, ?we can do this.’ After that, the confidence just took over. Hopefully we can start a little stronger next week, because we have a strong Nebraska team coming?. This is a stepping stone, but we have a tough schedule.

On the defense:
The defensive line, the linebackers ? they get me excited. We’re not making a whole lot of plays in the secondary. That’s because our defensive line and linebackers are doing their jobs.

Joey Getherall

On going for it on the fourth down:
We wanted to put the game away. We were driving, and I don’t think anybody wanted to kick the ball right there. We wanted to show that we were ready to put some points on the board. Coach has a lot of confidence that our offense can make a first down. He showed a lot of confidence in us and we knew that we were going to get a first down.

On his touchdown catch:
I had to beat my guy, and that’s what I did. Arnaz laid a perfect pass right in my arms.

Texas A&M Head Coach R. C. Slocum Quotes

On the game
We let a lot of opportunities slip away in the second half. We came out with a good first drive, but we dropped some passes and we came up short on a 3rd and 1 (near the end of the 3rd quarter) that really hurt us.

I thought in the second half, we were going to get a chance. We wanted to be in a situation where wec ould give it to Weber and let him run. But, we got into a situation where we were playing catch-up. We found ourselves throwing a lot more than we wanted to.

On Texas A&M Quarterback, Mark Farris
For his first college start, he did a good job. Overall, I think he did well. He showed some poise. There are very few things in the game where I could really fault him. He did a good job with the team and with on-field communication with the offense.

On Notre Dame Quarterback, Arnaz Battle:
They took advantage of his strengths: his ability to run and scramble. He did a good job with the option and the play-action pass.

On Notre Dame’s second-half adjustments:
I don’t think they did anything different. They just made some plays. They ran well on the option and got some good runs on us inside as well.

On Notre Dame’s defense:
Bob Davie is an excellent defensive football coach, as are Greg Mattison and Kirk Doll. Their team played hard and made some big plays. I think they’ll have a good defense this year.

Notre Dame Head Coach Bob Davie Quotes

On the game
It was about the type of game we thought it would be: not real pretty. These first games are so difficult, especially with the heat so bad. We didn’t play well, but we played with a lot of heart.

I was impressed with how the team handled the momentum swings. To come back and tie the game at the half and then to have the stamina to stay in it throughout impressed me. With a young quarterback and a not real confident defense, I thought it was a positive game. I think today showed we have a solid foundation on which to build.

On playing (his former team) Texas A&M
The game impacted me more than I thought: seeing R.C. and his son and others that I spent nine years with.

On Notre Dame quarterback, Arnaz Battle
This game showed that Battle (quarterback, Arnaz Battle) is explosive and a great player. If you look at Jarious’s (former quarterback Jarious Jackson) first game against Michigan two years ago, Arnaz is further along than Jarious was at that time. He’s more in control and confident.

On the Notre Dame team
I like the character of this team. Joey Hildbold (punter) and the kickers did really well. Nick (placekicker, Nick Setta) and the special teams did a great job. We feel fortunate to win and to come out healthy. We’re so glad we’re healthy.

We were a lot more aggressive on offense than a year ago. Lopienski (fullback, Tom Lopienski) is a great example of that. He maintained his composure and made some big plays. He’s a great kid.

I feel more confident now that we’re a solid football team. I feel like we got stronger as the game went on. If you don’t have don’t have a great attitude, you have no chance. This football team has a great attitude.

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Terence Kitchens

On reaction to playing Notre Dame for the first time:
It was more excitement and the opportunity to come up and play against Notre Dame. They have a great tradition, great history, and a lot of great players who have played here, but we looked at it as just another good football team and a chance to get the first win of the season It just didn’t work out that way.

Chris Valeta
Offensive Lineman

On short yardage situations:
We were close, but as our coach always says close is only good in horse shoes and hand grenades. We didn’t get it done. We had a couple of dropped balls, one real close in the endzone. If you don’t score touchdowns you don’t win games. When you drive the ball 90 yards and have first and goal inside the ten and you don’t score it is a moral victory for the defense. Fortunately we got a field goal out of it but that’s not enough. Any time your inside the ten you got to have touchdowns.

Jay Brooks
Defensive Back

On touchdown to Javin Hunter:
When I was running I thought I was pushing him and I let up a little bit. When I let up I looked back and I think he nudged a little bit. It is all part of the game. I was looking for the ball and he got in front of me and caught it.

Mark Farris

On difference in game:
I don’t care if you lose by fifty or two, losing is losing. That almost makes it harder knowing that you played as well as they did but three or four plays made the difference in the game. On the road you can’t afford to not make good plays. Three or four plays could have gone either way and that’s what made the difference.