Nov. 18, 2001


“You don’t prepare for this, especially for a team that I think we’re better than. But hats off to Cincinnati. They came out and fought and worked hard for it and were organized in the way they played and took advantage of their chances. I don’t think we were very good today in any phase. Defensively, where we’ve been strong for the last month, we had a couple of breakdowns and when you give away a couple goals to a good team at this time of year, that’s a problem.”

“It looked like we didn’t have our legs and our midfield was very nonexistent and we weren’t very good up front. When you don’t get to where you can hold the ball, then you put a lot of pressure constantly on your backs. As direct as Cincinnati is, they just kept serving it long. I don’t even remember us getting a lot of great looks at the goal today.”

“The third goal was huge for them because I really felt we’d get the goal back to draw it to two. If we ever tied it up, I felt like it would be our game. So credit them for the third goal to put us back down two. Psychologically, it’s tough. It’s just one of those backbreakers.”

“They came out and were very blue-collar and worked very hard. It’s a hard way to learn that there’s so much parity now. You can’t coast into the quarterfinals any more.”

“Over 18 or 19 years of doing this now, this probably is (my toughest loss) because I don’t think we performed today, not to take away from Cincinnati because I think they deserved the win. If you go out and have a great performance and you lose, then so be it.”

“We were able to get up on them early and that really set the tone for us to say ‘You’ve got to come back on us now.’ They never had a chance to tie it up and that was a key for us.”

“Our strategy was take it to the outside and look for the gaps and come in on the weak side. We felt our outside midfielders and forwards were the ones who would have to score. We felt confident that they were going to have to deal with Tasha on the outside.”

“At halftime, we said that we had to get one more goal.”

“The better you attack, the more you pull other teams out of position. We think (midfielder Mia Sarkesian) is a great player and we asked our forwards to come back on her. Lisa Day really handled (Guertin) so well today and Chris Wilson helped handle (Amy Warner). And when (Gonzalez) moved up into the midfield, that was a tough challenge.”

“I knew the weak side was open. When they have the ball, they always pinch in so far. I was kind of shocked that I didn’t get tracked into the middle, so I just ran in and shot.”

“They are a great team and all of their players are good. But we found their weaknesses and were able to capitalize on them.”

“At halftime, we said the next goal is crucial. After Amy scored, we knew that even if they scored we’d still be up by a goal.”

“We knew their offense was a key. They have a lot of speed up top and a lot of size in the back. We knew the back four was going to have to do a much better job than we did against Oakland.”

“(Rachel and Amy) both knew going in that someone had to step up. Taking care of that was crucial.”


“The tournament is all about taking chances, you can’t play passive.”

“I think we came out harder, stronger, more focused. We knew what we were up against and we knew that hustling and being aggressive would get it done.”

“I knew we needed another goal. I saw that the (Wagner) had stepped a bit off the line and I had a goal the other night where I scored from the same spot and it was the same thing, right over her head. So I figured it might work again.”