Oct. 7, 2000

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Notre Dame Head Coach Bob Davie
Post Game Quotes

Opening comments: “I can tell you that everyone in the locker room feels the same. Anytime that you can win a big-time college football game, you need to enjoy it. I also think that the football team, particularly the defensive side, didn’t play as well as we should. The yardage we gave up at the end was a little embarrassing. Give Stanford credit, they made some plays at the end.”

On the first Irish scoring drive and the performance of freshman Matt LoVecchio:

“That first drive was remarkable. Kevin Rogers and the offensive staff did a good job of showing a lot of formations. The quarterback (LoVecchio) did a good job with the execution. (LoVecchio) is one cool customer.”

On the Stanford miscues: “They basically turned the ball over three times with the blocked punt, the fumbled exhange and the Brock Williams interception. The main thing is that we did not turn the football over. That has been a key for us all year, we have not committed very many turnovers.”

On the punt block and Notre Dame’s special teams play: “We spend a lot of our practice time on punt blocks. It is a double-edged sword for us because we have great return-men with Joey Getherall and Julius Jones. I am very proud of our special teams. They have given us a solid effort all year.”


Freshman Quarterback Matt LoVecchio
On Notre Dame’s opening scoring drive . . . “I think we really set the tone for the offense on that first drive. All eleven guys really hung together and stuck it out.”

“The first drive went really well but I knew it wasn’t going to stay like that. I knew they’d toughen up on defense, but we all stayed with it and were able to win the game.”

On making his first start . . . “It was what I thought it would be. I knew all the coaches and players had confidence in me and I had confidence in them. I felt comfortable with the whole offense and when I looked at everyone in the huddle and I knew they were ready.”

On learning from his debut against Michigan State . . . “I learned losing is not good and no one’s happy when you lose, especially in a close game. But I think we’re a good team and we’re ready for the rest of the season.”

Junior Flanker David Givens

On his blocked punt . . . “I was lined up above the center and I saw him step to my right so I ran full speed at the kicking point of the punter. I wasn’t touched at all. I think they made a mistake in coverage. Basically it was either going to be me (blocking a punt) or another guy. We had it planned.”

On his performance . . . “I’m pretty happy with my performance today. I think I could have run the ball a little better at times. I’m not really satisfied, but I’m pretty happy with it. There is always room to improve on some little things.”

On his versatility . . . “If it was up to me, I would like to be as versatile as possible as far as where I play. I’d like to play running back and receiver and also some quarterback, as well as still returning kicks. But I don’t really have a favorite position.”

On special teams . . . “I think special teams is one of those things that can win or lose a game. I try to be on as many special teams as possible.”

Stanford Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Post Game Quotes

Perception of Notre Dame defense prior to kickoff: “I think coming in, I believed the defense of Notre Dame was much improved compared to last year and earlier in the season. But, we missed some opportunities and missed some plays we should’ve made. Those missed opportunities hurt us in the end.”

Notre Dame’s opening drive: “They did a good job of keeping us off balance in the opening drive. After that, our coaches made adjustments and we performed much better.” Notre Dame’s score at the end of the first half and Stanford’s play in the second half: “When we got the punt blocked at the end of the second quarter, that meant we were two touchdowns down instead of just one going into the locker room. That changed the complexion of how we had to approach things in the second half. But, we regrouped, stayed patient, and came out and never gave up. Unfortunately, we just didn’t play well enough to get a victory.”

Stanford Player Quotes

Senior Punter/Kicker Mike Biselli On weather conditions affecting kicking game:

“I knew it was going to be rough, just because I hit the first punt good doesn’t mean it was going to be an easy day. I just wanted to hit as many of those as I could, but unfortunately the wind was pretty rough out there. The cold didn’t bother me at all. I’m from Reno, Nevada.”

Junior Right Guard Eric Heitmann On difference in game:

“It is a depressing feeling. We had a turnover when we got down inside their twenty. The missed field goal hurt. We felt we hung in there with them the entire game. It was just a couple of missed opportunities and a couple good defensive plays on their part.”

Sophomore Quarterback Chris Lewis On second quarter fumbled snap:

“It was cold out there. Usually I’ll be able to grip that ball. I pulled out and just couldn’t grip the football and it came out. It was just one of those two plays that you’ve got to make. We had a good play going, but it was just my fault.”

Junior Free Safety Tank Williams On play of Notre Dame’s Matt LoVecchio:

“We figured that they would probably go back and do the same thing they did with Battle. He ran the ball a lot and ran the offensive well enough to put the points on the board. Hats off to him.”