Oct. 23, 2004

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Tyrone Willingham Post-Game Quotes

On last play of game (55-yard field goal attempt) with one second left and ensuing conference on field with officials: “I believe the field goal would have counted. No one said anything differently. I was just making sure that the proper personnel were on the field. Just getting a head count.”

On Boston College’s play in the second half:
“They did a good job against us. We missed a great number of opportunities during the game, whether it be a missed tackle or a play. We didn’t give ourselves the opportunity to make a play. They made the plays. They ran routes in the flats; we missed tackles. They didn’t do anything different than from what we saw. They just made plays. That might be a simplistic answer, but that’s what it came down to.”

On punting from the 30 late in fourth quarter:
“I thought the distance was a little extreme for the wind that was blowing. I thought we could pin then down there and then rely on the defense.”

On the loss hurting:
“Yes, it hurts. We let it slip out of our hands. This was an important game for the season, for the program. You know that I don’t dwell on the past. We have to move on to the future and continue to work to get better.”

On the game-winning touchdown pass:
“Their guy made a good play on the ball and we didn’t. They did a good job of making plays in the second half. We didn’t.”

On what was said to team at halftime:
“We know this is Boston College and that in the past this game has always come down to the wire. We talked about coming out in the second half and playing our best football and we didn’t.”


Sophomore QB Brady Quinn

On the disappointing outcome of the game…
“A lot of different things played a part in that game, so I don’t think you can point to any one area. There were just too many times when we didn’t produce when we needed to.”

On the mood of the team…
“We’re hungry for a win. When you come out for a big game like this and things don’t go the way you want them to, you’re going to be hungry. We don’t want to have to wait two more weeks for our next game, but we’ll get everyone healthy and ready to go for Tennessee.”

On the reason for his team’s loss…
“They didn’t want the game more than us. When it came down to it, we beat ourselves because we didn’t execute the way we needed to.”

On his team’s final drive…
“Regardless of our field position coming out of the kickoff, we still felt pretty good about things. We had practiced those kinds of situations during the week, so we had confidence that we could produce.”

Senior LB Derek Curry

On the play of the defense in the second half…
“We didn’t use proper technique. The coaches made good calls, but we didn’t execute with the proper technique.”

Senior WR Matt Shelton

On the outcome of the game…
“It hurts real bad. We’ll cry tonight and tomorrow night, but then we’ll have to let it go and move on. We’re real upset. Everyone is hurting right now.”

On how Boston College manages comebacks…
“They’re a good team and they always want it. They are always out there trying to make plays and they come up with them.”

Senior LB Justin Tuck

On the second half drives…
“I think that last drive meant something stamina-wise, but they made more plays. When the game is on the line, stamina goes out the window because it’s all about heart and desire. They didn’t want it more than us, but it comes down to the fact that they made the plays.”

On countering the BC quarterback in the second half…
“We went a little wider and shifted to their side a lot. They played their best offense after the adjustment at halftime. We knew coming out that he was going to work out of the pocket a lot more. We just didn’t get the job done today.”

On the weather…
“The weather played a part in it, but we have to know that and wrap up harder in our tackles. That hurt us today when we had them stopped for minimum gains and then missed a tackle.”


Boston College Head Coach Tom O’Brien Quotes

Opening statement:
“That was a great college football game. It was a disheartening loss for Notre Dame, and a great win for us. I am very proud of our kids and how they battled today. Halftime, we knew it was time to come out and make a stand. We came out in the third quarter, and things did not work out as planned, but we never gave up and kept after them the whole second half. We always talk about making different plays that win a game against an outstanding team like Notre Dame. It was a great play by Tony Gonzalez to win the game.”

On Tony Gonzalez’s game-winning catch:
“It was a great catch. He caught the ball going up over the defender and brought it down.”

On Boston College quarterback Paul Peterson:
“He panicked a little bit there in the first half. He tried to make plays that he really did not have to make. In the first half they had an advantage in field position. We started each possession deep in our own end of the field. Notre Dame won the field position battle in the first half, and when we came in at half we know we had to make that adjustment. Peterson did a great job in the second half spreading the ball around, and taking what the Notre Dame defense would give us. When we can do that is when Paul is at his best.”

On the Notre Dame team:
“This is a great football team with a great tradition. They have great coaches and they play very hard. I thought coming in that this was as good of a team as they had two years ago when we were here. Last year, they were a little discombobulated and disarrayed with Quinn as a freshman quarterback. They really took it to us out there this afternoon. They have a lot of wins in them and we hope we do too.

On the end of the Notre Dame-Boston College series:
“We would still like to play them, as long as it is an even deal. Not a deal where we play here five times and Boston three. Every season it is a great game and it has become a great rivalry between the two schools. I do not know why you would not want to play this game. I think it would be great game to keep playing for both schools.”

Boston College PLAYERS

Sophomore WR Tony Gonzalez

On his game-winning catch …
“The ball was in the air and Coach always say that when the ball is in the air, it’s ours. I jumped straight up and when he jumped, his momentum took him away from the ball. I was able to get the ball at its highest point.”

On beating the Notre Dame secondary for almost 400 yards receiving …
“Anytime the field is wet, the offense has the advantage. Every time our receivers go on the field, we feel that we are better than every defensive back we go against.”

Senior QB Paul Peterson

On the game-winning touchdown …
“It was a good call by Coach because I don’t know if it was a play that was designed just to get a play off and then regroup, but Tony made a good play. I tried to put the ball in a place where he could go get it. I don’t think their defensive back saw the ball and Tony just went up and got it.”

On converting the fourth-down play during the final drive …
“Letting me roll out of the pocket gave me a better chance to see what is going on down the field. It also made Notre Dame use a defender to cover me in case I was going to run.”

The play of the team in the second half …
“Coming out of halftime, we had guys in the locker room step up and be leaders, and it’s great to come out and play well.”

Senior DT Tim Bulman

On beating Notre Dame …
“It is such a storied program and I remember being here two years ago and upsetting them and the great feeling that was. Right now, I am just on cloud nine, it just feels great. It is one of those games you highlight when you see the schedule.”

Coming out in the second half …
“We knew we had to make a change in our attitude because we were only down 20-7 at halftime and any team can come back from that. And in the locker room it felt like our mother died or something, but we were able to refocus and came out on fire.”