Dec. 31, 2005

The Monogram Club website’s popular “Tuesday Testimonial” feature series will return shortly after the New Year. The series – which made its debut during the summer and fall of 2005 – provides various Monogram Club members with the chance to share reflections on their experiences as a Notre Dame student-athlete (or student support staff, such as managers, athletic trainers and cheerleaders). Each entry begins with a recap of career highlights and an update of the author’s post-college activities.

The 2005 Tuesday Testimonials covered the unique contributions of former Notre Dame student-athletes from 11 different sports. The current plan is to finish one cycle through all the sports (and support groups), with the upcoming Tuesday Testimonials to include comments from student-athlete alums in the following sports/groups: baseball, men’s and women’s cross country and track and field, men’s and women’s fencing, men’s and women’s golf, women’s lacrosse, women’s rowing, men’s soccer, men’s tennis student mangers, student athletic trainers and cheerleaders.

Look for a tentative Jan.-March schedule of Tuesday Testimonials, coming soon on A new “button link” also will be added soon to the main page of the Monogram Club website, providing quick access to an archive of the Tuesday Testimonials and a special “best of” section that will include the top comments from the wide-reaching entries.

Do you have a recommendation of a former Notre Dame student-athlete (or student support staff) to participate in the “Tuesday Testimonial” series? If so, please pass on the individual’s name and contact info. (if available) to Monogram Club archivist/publicist Pete LaFleur at

Here are links to the 11 Tuesday Testimonials that were posted during the summer and fall of 2005:

Tuesday Testimonial #1: Rosella Guerrero (soccer)

Tuesday Testimonial #2: Brian & Rory Walsh (hockey)

Tuesday Testimonial #3: Carrie Nixon (swimming)

Tuesday Testimonial #4: Kevin O’Shea (basketball)

Tuesday Testimonial #5: Kim Pacella (tennis)

Tuesday Testimonial #6: Pat Steenberge (football)

Tuesday Testimonial #7: Todd Rassas(lacrosse)

Tuesday Testimonial #8: Sara Liebscher(basketball)

Tuesday Testimonial #9: Lizzy Lemire (softball)

Tuesday Testimonial #10: Jaimie Lee (volleyball(

Tuesday Testimonial #11: Tom and Steele Whowell (swimming)