Policies and Procedures

Concussion Management

Head injuries can pose a significant health risk for student-athletes competing in intercollegiate athletics. The University of Notre Dame is committed to promoting the safety of its student-athletes. In light of this commitment and developing research on the symptoms and effects of head injuries, Notre Dame has taken steps to prevent, identify, evaluate, and manage head injuries in a comprehensive and consistent manner.

Claims Process

Please refer to this flowchart provided by the Athletics Business Office.

Dental Care

The Athletic Department assumes the financial responsibility for dental care that is a direct result of an athletic injury sustained in formal practice or competition at Notre Dame. Student-athletes must have been wearing approved protective mouth gear (if recommended for that sport) at the time of the injury to be eligible for dental coverage. Student-athletes are to report immediately all dental injuries to a member of the athletic training staff.

End of Medical Coverage

Student-athletes who complete their eligibility and continue to “work out” with their team or on their own must assume the liability for financial costs from any injuries incurred after the last day of NCAA competition at the conclusion of their traditional sport season.

Post-eligibility student-athletes who want to use athletic department facilities to work out may not do so without the express consent of the director of strength and conditioning. It will also be at the discretion of the head athletic trainer/physical therapist as to whether post-eligibility injuries will be treated by the athletic training staff.

Emergency Care

In the event of an emergency, please contact campus security (631-5555 or 911) and report name, phone number, location, type of emergency, and whether an ambulance is needed. There are emergency action plans posted at each of the athletic facilities.

Eye Care

Visual acuity is checked during the student-athlete’s physical examination. Varsity student-athletes who require visual correction for participation in their sport are furnished contact lenses or glasses. Corrective eyewear that is lost or damaged during formal practice or competition is replaced at the Athletic Department’s expense.

Medical Expenses and Insurance Coverage

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Medical Records

To provide continuity of care, the Sports Medicine Program physicians, in cooperation with the head athletic trainer/physical therapist and the staff, promptly record all the medical care given to student-athletes. Information contained in the medical record includes examinations, treatment of illnesses and injuries sustained during the year, evaluations and treatments, medical referrals, follow-up care, and authorizations for resuming athletic activities. In addition, an annual health status questionnaire is completed by the student-athlete and medical staff and included in the student-athlete’s medical record. Required health status information includes previous medical history, all athletic and non-athletic injuries sustained (including details on injuries within the last year), and past and present rehabilitation programs. Records regarding athletic participation are maintained by the athletic trainers. The head athletic trainer/physical therapist and the staff review medical records maintained in the athletic training centers to ensure that they are current and complete. The University physician maintains records of student-athletes’ visits to the Student Health Center.

Payment Policies

Please refer to the Medical and Insurance Forms Section of the Athletics Business Office Website.

Second Medical Opinion

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Return to Activity Policy

Authorization to return to practice or play after all injuries or illnesses come solely from Notre Dame team physicians. Outside health care provider’s recommendations must be endorsed by Notre Dame team physicians. Notification from the Notre Dame team physicians comes through the athletic trainers to the appropriate head coach and administrator.

Rehabilitative Care

The Athletic Training staff, under the supervision of the directors of Sports Medicine, is responsible for the athletic training program. Services include injury and illness care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning advisement, reconditioning and referral. The staff’s primary focus is preventing injury as well as assisting with the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. The Sports Medicine staff will design, with the cooperation of the student-athlete, a rehabilitation program to fit the student-athlete’s specific needs for a quick recovery. All rehabilitation programs must be approved by the Notre Dame Sports Medicine staff, specifically, the team physicians prior to their initiation, change, or discontinuation.