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The NCAA awards up to 174 postgraduate scholarships annually, 87 for men and 87 for women. The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

The one-time grants of $7,500 each are awarded for fall sports, winter sports and spring sports. Each sports season (fall, winter and spring), there are 29 scholarships available for men and 29 scholarships available for women. The scholarships are one-time, non-renewable grants.

Year Name (Sport) AA AAA BKA NC
1966 Ed Dean (Track and Field) 2AA
1967 Fred Schnurr (Football) NC
1967 Jack Haynes (Fencing) BKA
1968 Jim Smithberger (Football) AA AAA NC
1968 Mike Daher (Fencing) AA
1969 Bob Arnzen (Basketball) 2AA 3AAA BKA
1969 George Kunz (Football) AA AAA BKA NC
1969 Bill Hurd (Track and Field) 5AA BKA
1970 Mike Oriard (Football) AA BKA
1971 Larry DiNardo (Football) 2AA
1972 Tom Gatewood (Football) 2AA 2AAA
1973 Greg Marx (Football) AA 2AAA
1974 Dave Casper (Football) AA AAA NC
1974 Gary Novak (Basketball) AAA BKA
1975 Pete Demmerle (Football) AA AAA NC
1975 Reggie Barnett (Football) AAA NC
1975 Paul Angelo (Fencing) BKA
1979 Joe Restic (Football) 2AAA BKA NC
1980 Tom Gibbons (Football) AAA NC
>1980 Greg Meredith (Hockey) AA BKA
1981 John Krimm (Football) AA AAA BKA –
1982 Jeannine Blatt (Swimming) AA
1983 John Paxson (Basketball) AA 2AAA
1983 Steve Dziabis (Track and Field) AA BKA
1985 Greg Dingens (Football) 2AAA BKA
1986 John Krug (Wrestling) AAA BKA
1988 Reggie Ho (Football) AAA NC
1992 Heidi Piper (Fencing) AA 2AAA BKA –
1993 Tim Ruddy (Football) AA 2AAA BKA –
1997 Jeremy Siek (Fencing) AA NC
1997 Jen Renola (Soccer) 3AA 2AAA BKA NC
1998 Jaimie Lee (Volleyball) AAA BKA
1998 Pat Garrity (Basketball) AA 2AAA BKA
1999 Jennifer Hall (Tennis) AA AAA BKA
2000 Jenny Streiffer (Soccer) 2AA AAA BKA
2001 Ruth Riley (Basketball) AA 2AAA BKA NC
2001 Jen Sharron (Softball) 2AA AAA
2004 Vanessa Pruzinsky (Soccer) 3AAA BKA
2006 Stacey Cowan (Track and Field) AA AAA
2007 Ted Brown (Swimming) AAA BKA
2007 Maryann Erigha (Track and Field AAA BKA
2007 Stephanie Brown (Softball) AA AAA
2008 John Carlson (Football) 2AAA
2008 Brett Lilley (Baseball) AAA
2009 Matt Besler (Soccer) AA AAA BKA
2009 Brittany Bock (Soccer) 2AA AAA
2009 Lauren Buck (Rowing) 3AAA BKA
2009 Patrick Smyth (Cross Country) AA AAA

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