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The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award is presented each year to the outstanding senior NCAA Division I Student-Athlete of the Year across nine different sports. The acronym “CLASS” stands for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in SchoolÃÆ’ ¢” ¢.

The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award celebrates the loyalty of seniors that honor a four-year commitment to their university. The Senior CLASS AwardÃÆ’ ¢” ¢ recognizes these student-athletes for great achievement during competition and in their community while staying in school.

Award winners are determined by a selection process that includes, NCAA Division I college coaches in each respective sport, national media, and fans. The voting process determines the winner in addition to a Senior CLASS All-America Team.

Public fan voting via text messaging and on the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award web site takes place each year during the month leading up to the NCAA Championship.

Notre Dame Winners

class-teo-130.jpg class-brown-130.jpg class-hanks-130.jpg
Manti Te’o David Brown Kerri Hanks
Skylar Diggins
Scott Martin
Dillon Powers
Amy Buntin
Mike Johnson
Matt Miller
Men’s Basketball
Name Years Played Place finish
Matt Carroll 2000-2003 2nd team
Chris Thomas 2002-2005 2nd team
Luke Harangody 2007-2010 1st team
Scott Martin 2007; 2010-2013
Women’s Basketball
Name Years Played Place finish
Jacqueline Batteast 2001-2005 2nd team
Megan Duffy 2002-2006 2nd team
Natalie Novosel 2008-2012 1st team
Skylar Diggins 2009-2013
Name Years Played Place finish
Cole Johnson 2008-2011 2nd team
Name Years Played Place finish
Maurice Crum Jr. 2005-2008 2nd team
Manti Te’o 2008-2012 Winner
Men’s Ice Hockey
Name Years Played Place finish
David Brown 2003-2007 Winner
Mark Van Guilder 2004-2008 2nd team
Jordan Pearce 2005-2009 1st team
Erik Condra 2005-2009 1st team
Calle Ridderwalle 2007-2011 2nd team
Sean Lorenz 2008-2012 2nd team
Mike Johnson 2009-2013
Men’s Lacrosse
Name Years Played Place finish
Matt Besler 2005-2008 2nd team
Ryan Hoff 2006-2009 2nd team
Scott Rodgers 2006-2010 2nd team
Kevin Randall 2009-2012 1st team
Matt Miller 2010-2013
Men’s Soccer
Name Years Played Place finish
Jeb Brovsky 2007-2010 1st team
Greg Klazura 2007-2011 1st team
Dillon Powers 2009-2012 1st team
Women’s Soccer
Name Years Played Place finish
Kerri Hanks 2005-2008 Winner
Brittany Bock 2005-2008 1st team
Lauren Fowlkes 2007-2010 2nd team
Name Years Played Place finish
Stephanie Brown 2004-2007 2nd team
Amy Buntin 2009-2013