Created in 1988, the Academic All-America Hall of Fame recognizes Academic All-Americans who have achieved lifetime success in their professional careers and are committed to philanthropic causes in the communities where they reside. Four to five deserving candidates are inducted at an annual awards ceremony and dinner. 108 Academic All-Americans have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since its inception.

To be eligible, an Academic All-American must have:
– Received a nomination by his/her alma mater’s sports information director.
– Earned Academic All-America Team honors during his/her collegiate career or must meet the criteria for an Honorary Inductee.
– Graduated with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.
– Received college diploma at least 10 years ago.
– Proven career success and philanthropic service.

An Honorary Inductee is a person who, or an organization which, has made a significant contribution to the Academic All-America Committee, Teams or Hall of Fame. The honorary designation may be awarded to a former scholar-athlete whose collegiate career pre-dated the Academic All-America program in his/her particular sport. The eligible candidates’ academic and athletic achievements must meet minimum criteria for selection to the Hall of Fame.

Sports information directors nominate former Academic All-Americans annually. A national ballot consisting of all eligible candidates (more than 200 each year) is distributed to a 125 member voting committee to determine the “Top 25” finalists.

The “Top 25” finalists ballot is prepared for a 12-member Hall of Fame selection committee, which is made up of the program spokesperson, CoSIDA representatives, current Hall of Fame members and a sponsor dignitary. The Hall of Fame selection committee selects a maximum of four inductees and, when warranted, an Honorary inductee for each induction ceremony.

Since its inception, the Academic All-America Hall of Fame has recognized U.S. senators and representatives, military heroes, attorneys, physicians, college presidents, Nobel Prize recipients and leading figures of corporate America. There has also been a fair share of sports legends including former Notre Dame and Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, Bill Walton, Pat Haden, Lynette Woodard, Steve Young, Brock Strom, Lynn Barry, Cris Collinsworth, Bill Bradley, Bernie Kosar, Tracy Caulkins Stockwell, Merlin Olsen and Danny Ainge.

Robert Burger

John Paxson
Men’s Basketball

Bob Thomas

Joe Theismann



Academic All-America Hall of Fame

Class of 2017
Dr. Rachel Price Bell, University of North Alabama ’00 (volleyball)
Dr. Stacey Johnson, San Jose State University ’80 (fencing)
Heather O’Reilly, University of North Carolina ’07 (soccer)
Stephanie White, Purdue University ’99 (basketball)

Class of 2016
Drew Brees, Purdue University ’01 (football)
Dr. Angelo Capozzi, University of Notre Dame ’56 (baseball)
Dr. James Cash, TCU ’69 (basketball)
Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State University ’95 (basketball)
Jennifer Rizzotti, University of Connecticut ’96 (basketball)

Class of 2015
Shane Battier, Duke University ’01 (basketball)
Lee Hamilton, DePauw University ’52 (basketball)
Dr. Grant Jones, Denison University ’88 (football)
Angela Ruggiero, Harvard University ’04 (hockey)
Danny Wuerffel, University of Florida ’97 (football)

Class of 2014
Tiki Barber, University of Virginia ’97 (football)
Dr. Sigall Bell, Univerisity of California, Berkeley ’92 (gymnastics)
Derrick Brooks, Florida State University ’95 (football)
Dick Nunis, Univeristy of Southern California ’54 (football)
Terry Carleton, Bentley University ’76 (soccer)

Class of 2013
Commander Bruce Melnick, U.S. Coast Guard Academy ’72 (football)
Elfi Schlegel, Florida ’86 (gymnastics)
Dr. Terry Schroeder, Pepperdine ’81* (water polo)
Pat Tillman, Arizona State ’98 (football)
Judge Thomas Vanaskie, Lycoming ’75 (football)

Class of 2012
Arne Duncan, Harvard, ’87
Alvan Adams, Oklahoma, ’75
Ruth Riley, Notre Dame, ’01
John Naber, USC, ’77
Dr. Todd Olsen, Slippery Rock, ’85

Class of 2011
Peter Metzelaars, Wabash ’82
Dr. Megan Neyer, Florida ’86
Dr. Randal Pinkett, Rutgers ’94
Dr. Julie Bremner Romias, UCLA ’94
Dr. Carol Lally Shields, Notre Dame ’79*

Class of 2010
Adonal Foyle, Colgate ’99 (basketball)
Dr. James Kovach, Kentucky ’79 (football)
Dewey Selmon, Oklahoma ’76 (football)
Anita DeFrantz, Connecticut College ’74 (rowing)*

Class of 2009
Tom Clark, Mount Vernon Nazarene ’95
Diane Dietz, Michigan ’82
Karch Kiraly, UCLA ’83*
Julie Roe Lach, Millikin ’97
Dr. Patrick Tyrance, Nebraska ’90

Class of 2008
Dr. Kenneth Caldwell, The Citadel ’79
Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Duke ’84
Karen Jennings, Nebraska ’93
Rebecca Lobo, Connecticut ’95
Amy Privette Perko, Wake Forest ’87

Class of 2007
Julie Foudy, Stanford ’94
Joe Girardi, Northwestern ’86
Lance Pilch, Air Force ’93
Amy Sullivan Nordmann, Washington (Mo.) ’94
Steve Smith, Stanford ’81

Class of 2006
Dr. Robert Burger, Notre Dame ’81
Dr. Hilarie Cranmer, Hofstra ’88
Michael Gminski, Duke ’80
Timothy Green, Syracuse ’86
Dr. Joseph H. Taylor, Haverford ’63*

Class of 2005
Cormac Carney, UCLA ’83
Ken Dryden, Cornell ’69*
Dr. Claudia Henemyre Harris, Western Maryland ’92
John Paxson, Notre Dame ’83
Tracy Warren, Trenton State ’87

Class of 2004
Terry Hoage, Georgia ’84
Dave Rimington, Nebraska ’83
Rolf Benirschke, UC Davis ’77*
Dylann Duncan Ceriani, Brigham Young ’88
Gill Beck, Appalachian State ’78

Class of 2003
Kip Corrington, Texas A&M ’87
Chris Howard, Air Force ’91
Donna Lopiano, Southern Connecticut ’68*
Kim Mulkey-Robertson, Louisiana Tech ’84
Steve Young, Brigham Young ’84

Class of 2002
Richard Balzhiser, Michigan ’52
Susan Cassidy, Molloy College ’86
Raymond Shafer, Allegheny ’38*
John Stockton, Gonzaga ’84
Susan Walsh, North Carolina ’84

Class of 2001
Lynn Barry, William & Mary ’81
Cris Collinsworth, Florida ’81
Gary Hall Sr., Indiana*
John Hall, Vanderbilt ’55
Jennifer Trosper, MIT ’91

Class of 2000
Danny Ainge, Brigham Young ’92
Regina Cavanaugh Murphy, Rice ’87
Oliver Luck, West Virginia ’82
Pablo Morales, Stanford ’87
Sherwood Rowland, Ohio Wesleyan ’48*

Class of 1999
Val Ackerman, Virginia ’81
John Fowler Jr., UCLA ’78
Chad Hennings, Air Force ’88
Jeannie Henningsen, Buena Vista ’87
Jolanda Jones, Houston ’89

Class of 1998
Leigh Curl, UConn ’85
Bernie Kosar, Miami (FL) ’85
Marv Levy, Coe ’50*
Jack Mildren, Oklahoma ’72
Jack Sikma, Illinois Wesleyan ’77

Class of 1997
Todd Blackledge, Penn State ’83
Tracy Caulkins Stockwell, Florida ’85
Dick Enberg, Central Michigan ’57*
Tim Foley, Purdue ’70
Ellen Mayer-Sabik, Cornell ’84

Class of 1996
Wade Mitchell, Georgia Tech ’57
Ron Perry, Holy Cross ’80
Bob Thomas, Notre Dame ’74
Byron White, Colorado ’38*
Carlton Young, Villanova ’83

Class of 1995
Doug Collins, Illinois State ’81
Bob Elliott, Arizona ’77
Michelle Johnson, Air Force ’81
Pat Richter, Wisconsin ’64

Class of 1994
Anne Donovan, Old Dominion ’83
Rich Mayo, Air Force ’61
Lee Roy Selmon, Oklahoma ’75
Bill Walton, UCLA ’74
John Wooden, Purdue ’32*

Class of 1993
Raymond Berry, SMU ’55
Dave Casper, Notre Dame ’74
Jim Grabowski, Illinois ’66
Kermit Washington, American ’73

Class of 1992
Alan Ameche, Wisconsin ’55
Steve Eisenhauer, Navy ’54
Randy Gradishar, Ohio State ’74
Lynette Woodard, Kansas ’81

Class of 1991
Terry Baker, Oregon State ’63
Joe Holland, Cornell ’78
David Joyner, Penn State ’72
Brock Strom, Air Force ’59

Class of 1990
Lester Jordan, SMU*
Steve Taylor, Delaware ’78
Joe Theismann, Notre Dame ’71
Howard Twilley, Tulsa ’68
Jamaal Wilkes, UCLA ’74

Class of 1989
Carlos Alvarez, Florida ’72
Willie Bogan, Dartmouth ’71
Steve Bramwell, Washington ’67
Joe Romig, Colorado ’63
Jim Swink, Texas Christian ’57
John Wilson, Michigan State ’53

Class of 1988
Bill Bradley, Princeton ’65
Pete Dawkins, Army ’59
Pat Haden, USC ’75
Tom McMillen, Maryland ’74
Donn Moomaw, UCLA ’54
Merlin Olsen, Utah State ’62

* – honorary inductee
Notre Dame alumni listed in bold italics