The chenille plaque is a new and unique way to display your Monogram in your home and office.

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The Monogram Club is thrilled to offer the popular Chenille Plaque, a memento that serves as a reminder of your leadership heritage so proudly earned while at Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Monogram Club Chenille Plaque is a beautiful 12″x15″ wooden plaque featuring the official Monogram of Notre Dame Athletics on a deep navy blue background, identical to the colors of your Monogram jacket. The Monogram itself is secured beneath a clear piece of Plexiglas and the Notre Dame Monogram Club logo is etched into a gold plate, inscribed with the Monogram winner’s name, sport and graduation year.

The design includes a beautiful mahogany frame that perfectly accents the blue felt background of the monogram. The frame layout is ideal for hanging the plaque in the home or office as a symbol of your proud career as a member of the Fighting Irish.

“The Chenille Plaque is an extremely popular item with our membership,” Monogram Club board advisor Tom Galloway (’87, football) said. “With this design, the plaque becomes a much more prominent and professional-looking representation of the time and sacrifice it takes to achieve success as a Notre Dame student-athlete.”

The Monogram Club is pleased to offer the Chenille Plaques for $79.95 for dues paying monogram members and $89.95 for all other monogram winners. Shipping and handling is $12.50 per plaque.

The plaques are now available with a general turnaround time of 7-10 business days and make a perfect gift for you and your family. There is no limit on the number of plaques members can purchase, and custom engraving requests can be made if necessary.

CLICK HERE for an easy to complete order form and thanks for your commitment, dedication, and support of the Monogram Club.