Tamba Samba

On The Clock With Tamba Samba

Oct. 27, 2009

Senior forward Tamba Samba has been a constant contributor for the Irish for the past two seasons. The Indianapolis, Ind., native has seen action in 15 games this season, scoring one goal and adding one assist. Samba has played in 38 career games for the Irish, totaling three goals, one assist and seven points. He sat down with UND.com to tell us a little more about himself.

Q: Do you have a pregame ritual?
A: I Just listen to my iPod while I get dressed. I say a prayer before I head out to the field.

Q: Where is your favorite place to go on campus?
A: My favorite place to go is LaFortune. I can just hangout there and get some work done if I need to.

Q: What are your goals this season?
A: I want to win a national championship and add to the reputation of Notre Dame soccer.

Q: What is different about being a senior on the team?
A: There is more responsibility; you can’t just float along like a freshman. This is our season now so we have to be accountable for what we do.

Q: What’s the best place to eat on campus?
A: North Dining Hall for sure.

Q: What are your majors?
A: Industrial Design and Computer Applications

Q: What’s the best part about going home?
A: Getting to see my family and relaxing.

Q: What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently?
A: I haven’t had the chance to see any recently, but “Stepbrothers” was great.

Q: Is there a class you wish you could just take for fun?
A: Ceramics

Q: What will you miss most when you graduate?
A: Everything, but if I had to pick, it’d be my team and friends.

Q: What is the best thing about playing soccer?
A: It’s just a free game; there is not too much restriction. It’s up to you to be creative and make things happen. Nothing is ever the same in any one game.

Q: Whom do you most aspire to be like?
A: I wouldn’t say a specific person, but I aspire to be the best I can be.

Q: Where do you want to be in 10 years?
A: I want to be designing for Nike or adidas and enjoying my family.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you have ever overcome?
A: I broke my foot before my sophomore season and then had surgery again that spring, so it was a really hard time for me, but I kept my confidence and recovered well.

Q: What activities do you enjoy besides soccer?
A: I like to play basketball, and sleeping is on my list, too.

Q: What does it mean for you to play for Notre Dame?
A: It means everything. There are not too many people who can say they have done what I have.

Q: What will you try to pass on to next year’s seniors?
A: Work hard and give it all you have; you don’t want to leave here with any regrets.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment in soccer?
A: Winning back-to-back BIG EAST championships, but hopefully I can say winning a national championship soon.

Q: How do you unwind?
A: I sleep or watch “Scrubs.”

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