Junior women's golfer Becca Huffer

On The Clock With Becca Huffer

Oct. 18, 2010

By Adam Schmitz

Notre Dame junior women’s golfer Becca Huffer and her teammates compete this week at the Landfall Tradition Tournament from Oct. 22-24 in Wilmington, N.C. The Irish women’s golf team is in the midst of its best season in the program’s history as they have opened the fall with tournament wins at the Mary Fossum Invitational at Michigan State and the William K. Warren Invitational at Notre Dame while finishing fifth at the Mercedes Benz Championships in Knoxville, Tenn. Huffer, a two-time all-BIG EAST selection and the conference’s rookie of the year in 2009, has been a major contributor to the team’s success this fall. She had the chance to sit down with und.com’s Adam Schmitz last week to give us a look into her time at Notre Dame.

Who has been the most influential person in your life? The most influential people in my life have been my parents. They have given me so much support and encouragement throughout my life.

Where are you living this year? I am living in Pasquerilla West Hall.

What has been your favorite class at Notre Dame? I have enjoyed all of my Industrial Design classes.

What is your favorite dining hall food? My favorite food in the dining hall is Make-Your-Own-Pizza.

What activities do you enjoy outside of golf? Outside of golf, I like skiing and snowboarding, listening to music, photography and I am learning to play the guitar.

What are your plans after college? I am still trying to figure that out. We will see what happens.

What is your dream job outside of golf? My dream job would be to get paid to do something I like, maybe a professional skier.

Who is your favorite professional golfer? My favorite golfers are Phil Mickelson and Annika Sorenstam when she played.

If you had the chance to play in any professional golf tournament, what would it be? If I could play in any tournament, I would love to play in the U.S. Open. Last year, I just missed qualifying (two strokes) for the U.S. Open, so I am hoping to qualify next spring.

Has golf taken you to other countries of the world, and where have you played? Yes golf has taken me to a variety of places. The Girls Junior America’s Cup team played in Mexico and Canada. Our team from Notre Dame went to Ireland last year.

What is your favorite part of the game: driving, irons or putting? My favorite part of the game is the short game – I like pitching and chipping.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one, if so, what was the situation? I did have a hole-in-one last summer during a tournament put on by the CWGA, Colorado Women’s Golf Association.

What is your pre-match routine and meal? I eat anything that can sustain me for the round. Before my tee time, I go to the driving range and putt for about 45 minutes.

How often do you practice per week during the Notre Dame golf season? How about during the summer months? During the golf season, we practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and play every Tuesday, Thursday and on the weekends. During the summer, I play in some tournaments and try to practice every day.

What has been your favorite moment as a player at Notre Dame? I enjoy traveling to the tournaments. We have such a small team, only 6 players, and we have gotten to know each other really well. Our team is like its own family inside of Notre Dame.

Besides our courses here on campus, where is your favorite place to golf? My favorite place to play golf is at Hiwan Golf Club in Colorado. I also enjoyed the golf courses in Ireland.

How are the pressures of team golf tournaments different than individual golf tournaments? With team golf you try to fight for every stroke because one stroke can make the difference. Also, I enjoy being able to cheer for my teammates.

What are your goals for the season? The team goal is to make it to nationals this year. This season I want to lower my stroke average.

What is your favorite guy’s dorm? I like Siegfried Hall, which is our brother dorm.

Do you have any tips to improve the casual golfer’s game? I suggest that the casual golfer needs to stay patient. Also, work on your short game because that is the key to a good round.