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Offensive Coordinator Bill Diedrick Reflects On Thursday's Scrimmage

Aug. 23, 2002

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick talks to about the offense after Thursday’s scrimmage.

Q. How did the offense look today?

A. “I was extremely pleased with the execution. We did not have any significant penalties or drive-killing penalties. We had no turnovers with the exception of one in a critical situation. All-in-all, I was very pleased. We started much quicker than we did a week ago. I think the two things I am really pleased with were our execution and that nobody got hurt.

Q. Are you past the installation stage and are you more into game planning for Maryland?

A. We were really past that about three practices ago. We are still working on some specific situations such as end of game drives, which we do in walk through. I think for the heart of the installation, we were done with that about three practices ago. We have been gearing up for Maryland.

Q. Is Pat Dillingham still your No. 2 quarterback at this point?

A. I don’t think there is any question about that.

Q. What does Pat bring to the table that separates him right now?

A. He has as much consistency as I could squeeze out of a number-two quarterback. I tried to put Pat and Chris (Olsen) in as many pressure situations as I could. I think Chris needs some time to absorb the offense and it would really be an unfair situation to put a young man in. Pat is a year older. I can see a difference in Pat from this week to a week ago. The team is much more comfortable with him now. We do have a very capable backup quarterback.

Q. What is your opinion of Carlyle Holiday?

A. I have always liked him. He has progresses tremendously compared to where he was at the end of spring drills to where he is now. I think he is playing so much more confident and consistent and I think every snap that he takes and every key situation we can give him is a learning situation. That only enhances his development. I am very pleased as to where Carlyle is right now.

Q. Carlyle said he was really comfortable with the offense. Can you see that?

A. I think that is not only true with the quarterback position, but with the entire offense. As we progress during the season, I think the players and going to be more and more comfortable. We are still in the learning stages and growing in the offense.

Q. Where are Marcus Wilson and Rashon Powers-Neal at the running back position?

A. I think Rashon has made the most significant improvement of anyone. In the last week or so he has seen more reps. He is healthy and much more confident in running the football. He ran the ball pretty hard today and made some nice cuts. Marcus gives that scat back that we are looking for with the big play capabilities. He has done some good things and, today, he made a couple of breaks really early. You look at those two and you can see them getting more comfortable with everything.