Christina Dines

Off The Water With Christina Dines

May 8, 2012

The Off the Water series provides a “Getting To Know” piece on members of the University of Notre Dame rowing team in an effort to share with the fans details of what makes each of the athletes who they are outside of the realm of competition.

Christina Dines is in her second season with the University of Notre Dame women’s rowing team. The Buffalo, N.Y., native has been a mainstay as the coxswain for the second varsity eight boat in her second season with the Irish after ending last year as the coxswain for the BIG EAST Champion varsity four boat. Here is a chance to get to know Christina Dines:

What has been your favorite race and why?

“The 2011 Sacramento trip to Lake Natoma was an incredible experience. We took an unplanned move in one of our races that was wildly successful – we were on cloud nine for a few days after winning!”

How did you start rowing and what did you know about the sport before?

“My mom and both my sisters were coxswains – it’s genetic!”

What is your favorite song to hear on the team bus?

“‘Starships’ or ‘Super Bass’ by Nicki Minaj. The louder, the better!”

What’s your secret to getting through winter training?

“It’s sometimes hard not to let winter training become a countdown to spring season. Winter training is a perfect opportunity to bond with your teammates. The coxswains and myself became closer throughout winter season – with only one coxie per boat, we’ve never had the opportunity to be able to bond as boatmates. Training indoors allows us to grow closer as friends and teammates.”

What is the funniest phrase you’ve been told by your coaches?

“Last year my boat’s motto was ‘Own the Haphazard.’ We were an eclectic crew with a personality, to say the least, and needed to be reminded to laugh at our mistakes and ourselves.”

What do you think is the key to becoming a successful student-athlete at Notre Dame?

“Support systems are essential to success as a student-athlete. I’m comforted knowing that I can rely on my teammates and coaches today, tomorrow, and each day after.”

What is your favorite dessert?

“I’ve never met an ice cream cone I didn’t like.”

Where is the most interesting place you have ever been?

“I travelled to Iceland with my family a few years ago and was awed by the culture, traditions, and language. Names of street signs could be over 15 letters long with only one vowel – I could not understand a word!”

North or South Dining Hall?

“North Dining Hall is a maze! South is easier to navigate – so the quicker I get to eat!”

Other than Notre Dame, what is your favorite sports team?

“I’m forever grateful for my experiences on my high school rowing team. My coaches instilled in me a love of the sport, and my former teammates encouraged a love of the team. Notre Dame athletics has fostered this same idea: my teammates and I row for the love of the sport, for the love of the team.”

What is your favorite TV show and why?

“‘Boy Meets World’ is a classic. Re-Runs never get old. F-F-F-Feeney!”