April 14, 2001

Bloomington, Ind. – Notre Dame took four of six races Saturday at the Indiana Cup on the waters on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, Ind. Conditions Saturday were good as temperatures were in the mid 70s with a slight headwind blowing across the course from lane one to four at about 10 miles per hour.

The varsity eight team of Katherine Burnett, Diane Price, Becky Luckett, Casey Buckstaff, Michelle Olsgard, Ashlee Warren, Ann Marie Dillhoff, Jayme Szefc and Claire Bula won its fifth race in six tries this spring. Notre Dame, ranked 16th in the nation, was first in 6:32.60, followed by Tennessee in 6:42.53, Indiana (6:51.50) and Purdue (6:52.70).

In what was the most exciting race of the day, the Irish second varsity eight of Leah Ashe, Anne Starks, Maureen Carr, Melissa Alberding, Courtney Mercer, Erica Drennen, Kerri Murphy, Katie Besson and Erin Kiernicki won in a time of 6:55.20, only three seconds ahead of runner up Tennessee (6:58.88). The Irish jumped out of the gate early in the race, but Tennessee battled back and pulled even with the Irish with about 500 meters to the finish line. Notre Dame then pulled through and took the victory. Notre Dame’s third varsity eight of Kristi Schmidt, Jessica Manske, Ann Gurucharri, Andrea Amoni, Katie McCaulden, Erin Shea, Kolleen Myers, Meg Feely and Kathryn Long was third in 7:22.22 and Purdue was fourth in 7:30.89

The second novice eight team of Karrie Koski, Meg Starnes, Maggie Ruddy, Kathryn Lent, Sam Matovich, Ashlee Logan, Alicia Garcia, Sarah Keefer and Marita Murphy also won a close race, finishing two seconds ahead of Purdue. Notre Dame crossed the line in 7:32.60, followed by Purdue’s A boat in 7:34.74. Tennessee was third in 7:47.21 and Purdue’s B boat was fourth in 8:21.72.

Notre Dame also took the novice eight race, winning by eight seconds over Purdue. The Irish team of Megan Sanders, Danielle Protasewich, Katie O’Hara, Robin Mattessich, Jacqueline Hazen, Natalie Ladine, Katie Welsh, Heather Dziedzic and Kacy McCaffrey posted a time of 7:02.50, while Purdue finished in 7:10.15. Indiana was third in the race in 7:15.80, followed by Tennessee in 7:19.26.

Notre Dame lost both fours races though as the novice team fell to Indiana by six seconds and the varsity team finished second to Tennessee by over 17 seconds.

“Overall we had a good day of racing,” head coach Martin Stone said. “This was the best race technically for the varsity eight all season. The second varsity eight race was very exciting and the novice teams did well. We were a little disappointed to lose the varsity four race, but Tennessee made some changes in its boat and stroked a great race.”

The Irish continue to row away from home as they travel to Madison, Wis., Saturday, April 21, for the Midwest Sprints.

Indiana Cup
14 April 20001
Lake Lemon
Bloomington, Indiana

A 2000 meter four lane course with stake boats and a full buoy line running between lanes two and three.

Temperatures starting off in the low sixties and rising to the mid-seventies. Wind blowing across the course slightly from starboard at approximately ten miles per hour.

Results (women’s events only):
Boatings are listed at the end of the results.

2nd Novice 8+
1. Notre Dame 7:32.60
2. Purdue A 7:34.74
3. Tennessee 7:47.21
4. Purdue B 8:21.72

Novice 4+
1. Indiana 8:23.00
2. Notre Dame 8:29.12

Varsity 4+
1. Tennessee 7:56.90
2. Notre Dame 8:14.19
3. Indiana 8:29.44

Novice 8+
1. Notre Dame 7:02.50
2. Purdue 7:10.15
3. Indiana 7:15.80
4. Tennessee 7:19.26

2nd Varsity 8+
1. Notre Dame 6:55.20
2. Tennessee 6:58.88
3. Notre Dame 3V 7:22.22
4. Purdue 7:30.89

Varsity 8+
1. Notre Dame 6:32.60
2. Tennessee 6:42.53
3. Indiana 6:51.50
4. Purdue 6:52.70