March 31, 2006

On Sunday, April 2, at 2 a.m., Indiana will observe daylight savings time in all of its counties. Previous to this date, selected counties in the state did not observe daylight savings time and therefore the University of Notre Dame switched back and forth between having the same time as New York City and Chicago.

For the first time since 1969, Notre Dame, as part of St. Joseph County in northern Indiana, will ‘spring forward’ for daylight savings time.

What does this mean to Notre Dame fans, facultiy, staff and students? On Sunday morning at 2 a.m. and forever more, Notre Dame will be on the exact same time as the east coast. There will be no more confusing terms such as ‘eastern standard time.’ From now on, whatever time it is in New York City and in the eastern time zone, Notre Dame will be the same.

For more information on daylight savings time, visit the official Department of Transportation web site at