Joyce Center    2:00 p.m.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Key:JS - jump shot  PM - power move L - layupTK - top of key LW - left wing  RW - right wingLBL - left baseline RBL - right baseline    3PT - three-point field goalxx' - distance of shot  P - player foul T - team foul   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ND Starters: G - Wyche, Ingelsby C - Hickey F - Murphy, GravesYale Starters: G - Cavaco, Woodbine C - Kritzer F - Kirkowski, Tompkins
Time Notre Dame Score Dif. Yale 20:00 ND controls opening tip 0-0 -----19:31 0-2 -2 Woodbine LBL jumper just inside 3PT line19:14 Murphy turn-around jumper RBL 2-2 T18:57 Foul: Tompkins P1, T118:43 Hickey L from Murphy 4-2 LC+218:15 Foul: Tompkins P2, T2 Sub: Yanke for Tompkins18:07 Murphy 15' jumper RBL from Graves 6-2 +417:50 Foul: Graves P1, T117:35 Foul: Murphy P1, T2 (player control)17:18 Sub: Reusch for Kritzer17:01 Ingelsby shooting two: good, good 8-2 +6 Foul: Cavaco P1, T316:10 Foul: Kirkowski P1, T416:00 Foul: Murphy P2, T3 Sub: Swanagan for Murphy15:28 Media Timeout Sub: Smith for Woodbine15:15 Foul: Graves P2, T4 Sub: Williamson for Graves14:53 Wyche transition L from Ingelsby 10-2 +814:19 Swanagan L off Wyche dish 12-2 +1014:09 Sub: Carroll for Wyche Yale Timeout #1 Sub: Tompkins, Simpkins for Cavaco, Kirkowski12:43 Foul: Swanagan P1, T5 12-4 +8 Yanke rebound putback + 1 12-5 +7 Yanke one free-throw: good Sub: Kritzer, Williams for Yanke, Smith12:37 Foul: Simpkins P1, T512:22 Foul: Swanagan P2, T612:10 12-7 +5 Simpkins penetrates, lays it in11:43 Williamson off dish from Hickey 14-7 +711:19 14-9 +5 Tompkins reverse L11:03 Swanagan L off feed from Williamson 16-9 +710:43 16-11 +5 Tompkins skies for rebound, lays it in10:39 ND 20-Second Timeout Subs: Owens, Dillon for Swanangan, Ingelsby10:13 Carroll 3PT goal top of key 19-11 +89:54 19-13 +6 Kritzer dribbles in, shoots from 10'9:14 19-15 +4 Kirkowski turn-around 8' JS8:54 Subs: Wyche, Murphy for Carroll, Owens Sub: Cavaco for Simpkins8:26 Murphy reverse two-handed slam off rebound 21-15 +68:01 Subs: Rasmussen, Carroll for Hickey, Williamson Subs: Reusch, Woodbine for Williams, Kirkowski7:35 Foul: Carroll P1, T7 (Penalty) Sub: Yanke for Kritzer Sub: Owens for Carroll 21-17 +4 Tompkins shooting 1-and-1: good, good Sub: Ahern for Tompkins7:20 Sub: Carroll, Ingelsby for Owens, Dillon6:48 21-20 +1 Reusch 3PT goal from right angle6:21 Wyche 3PT goal top of key from Rasmussen 24-20 +45:56 Sub: Owens for Carroll Sub: Tompkins for Ahern5:28 Sub: Simpkins for Cavaco4:52 24-22 +2 Woodbine long jumper just inside 3PT lineTime Notre Dame Score Dif. Yale4:36 Sub: Hickey for Rasmussen 24-22 +24:14 Sub: Graves for Murphy Foul: Yanke P1, T64:02 Graves shooting 1-and-1: good, good 26-22 +4 Foul: Woodbine P1, T7 (Penalty)3:48 26-25 +1 Reusch 3PT goal right side from Tompkins2:48 Wyche drives, lays it in + 1 28-25 +3 Foul: Yanke P2, T8 Sub: Carroll for Graves Sub: Cavaco for Simpkins Wyche one free-throw: good 29-25 +42:22 Foul: Hickey P1, T8 29-27 +2 Yanke lay-in from Cavaco + 1 Sub: Rasmussen for Hickey Sub: Kirkowski for Tompkins 29-27 +2 Yanke one free-throw: miss1:40 Ingelsby 3PT goal left angle from Rasmussen 32-27 +5:55.5 Foul: Rasmussen P1, T9 Sub: Williams for Reusch Sub: Williamson for Owens 32-27 +5 Yanke shooting 1-and-1: miss:19.6 Sub: Kritzer for Yanke

HALFTIME SCORE: Notre Dame 32, Yale 27
First Half Lead Changes: 1First Half Ties: 1 (at 2)
Biggest Notre Dame Lead: 10 (at ND 12 - Yale 2)Biggest Yale Lead: 2 (at Yale 2 - ND 0) Notre Dame vs. YaleNovember 15, 1998, Joyce Center, 2:00 p.m.
Second Half
ND Starters: G - Wyche, Ingelsby C - Hickey F - Murphy, Graves Yale Starters: G - Cavaco, Woodbine C - Kritzer F - Kirkowski, Tompkins

Time Notre Dame Score Dif. Yale20:00 32-27 +5 Yale inbounds to start second half19:34 Foul: Murphy P3, T119:20 32-29 +3 Kirkowski dribbles in, banks it in at 12'19:05 Murphy turn-around jumper LBL 34-29 +518:00 34-32 +2 Cavaco 3PT goal left corner17:46 Graves answers with 3PT goal LBL 37-32 +517:29 Sub: Reusch for Kirkowski17:15 Murphy reverse turn-around JS RBL 39-32 +716:34 Sub: Yanke, Simpkins, Smith for Kritzer, Cavaco, Woodbine15:41 39-34 +5 Yanke slow-developing reverse L15:05 39-36 +3 Tompkins reverse L from Simpkins14:18 Graves transition L from Ingelsby 41-36 +513:55 Subs: Swangan, Rasmussen for Murphy, Hickey Yale 20-Second Timeout Sub: Kirkowski, Cavaco, Woodbine for Simpkins, Smith, Tompkins13:09 41-38 +3 Yanke 5' baby hook12:54 Graves shooting two: good, good 43-38 +5 Foul: Reusch P1, T1 Sub: Dillon for Ingelsby Media Timeout Sub: Tompkins for Kirkowski12:26 43-40 +3 Tompkins cuts in for L off inbounds pass12:05 Graves puts in own miss 45-40 +511:28 45-42 +3 Tompkins transition L from Woodbine11:11 Sub: Carroll for Wyche Sub: Simpkins, Smith for Cavaco, Reusch11:04 Foul: Dillon P1, T210:46 Sub: Murphy for Swanagan10:03 45-44 +1 Tompkins puts back Yanke's missed slam9:56 ND 20-Second Timeout9:01 Foul: Graves P3, T3 (player control) Sub: Wyche for Carroll8:34 Foul: Woodbine P2, T2 (player control)8:21 Murphy 12' RBL jumper from Graves 47-44 +37:28 Murphy rebound slam off Ingelsby miss 49-44 +57:01 Ingelsby drives length of court, lays it in 51-44 +76:56 Media Timeout Sub: Williamson for Graves Subs: Cavaco, Reusch for Simpkins, Smith6:41 51-47 +4 Reusch 3PT goal from left of key6:12 51-50 +1 Reusch 3PT goal from RBL5:32 Sub: Graves for Williamson5:19 Foul: Reusch P2, T34:50 Foul: Woodbine P3, T44:08 Murphy 17' JS from RBL 53-50 +33:38 53-53 T Cavaco 3PT goal right angle from NBA-land3:13 Hickey rebound put-back off Murphy miss 55-53 +22:43 55-56 LC-1 Cavaco 3PT goal from top of key2:15 Foul: Wyche P1, T4 Yale Timeout #22:10 55-59 -4 Reusch comes off Yanke screen, 3 pointer1:50 Foul: Yanke P3, T51:44 Graves rebounds Wyche miss, is fouled 57-59 -2 Foul: Yanke P4, T6 Graves one free-throw: good 58-59 -1:44.6 ND Timeout #1 Sub: Simpkins for Cavaco:32.5 ND inbounds on alternate possession Time Notre Dame Score Dif. Yale:32.5 ND 20-Second Timeout 58-59 -1:25.2 Wyche 3PT goal right of key 61-59 LC+2:25.0 Sub: Cavaco for Simpkins:05.6 Wyche shooting 1-and-1: good, miss 62-59 +3 Foul: Tompkins P3, T7 (Penalty) Yale 20-Second Timeout:03.7 Graves two free-throws: good, good 64-59 +5 Foul: Tompkins P4, T8 Sub: Owens for Hickey:00.3 64-62 +2 Woodbine takes inbounds pass, 3PT goal ND Timeout #2 Yale 20-Second Timeout

FINAL SCORE: Notre Dame 64, Yale 62
Total Lead Changes: 3Total Ties: 2 (at 2, 53)
Biggest Notre Dame Lead: 10 (at ND 12 - Yale 2)Biggest Yale Lead: 4 (at Yale 59 - ND 55)