November 29, 1998


USC Head Coach Paul Hackett
“We came back after every single loss this season and that’s really the mark of a championship team. The bigger the game the better (Chris Claiborne) plays. His range is amazing. And I hope all the (Butkus Award) voters saw the game.

“I think (Defensive Coordinator) Bill Young and his staff did a great job. You can go your whole career and not get a shutout against the number nine team in the country. It’s a great tribute.”

USC Tailback Chade Morton
On trying to rush for 1000 yards
It was imnportant to me, but is was important to the line also because they’re young and get criticized a lot. I told them early this season that if I got 1000 yards I was going to take them to Las Vegas, and even though we didn’t get it, I’m still taking them to Vegas.” Note: Morton rushed for 128 yards against Notre Dame and is 33 shy of the 1000-yard milestone.

Notre Dame Coach Bob Davie
“USC played extremely well and deserved to win. They have a special weapon in number 18 (R.Jay Soward). No question. It hurts to come in 9 & 1 and come out 9 & 2. They did the right thing. Put corners on man-to-man and put the safeties up tight. It’s hard to run against nine guys.”