Kory Minor Linebacker

On the Defense during the first half: “Our whole defense stuck together out there today. We believed we could get the job done. There is no doubt that Michigan is a good team we hung together and fought through it to win the game.”

Jarious Jackson Quarterback

On his first game as the starting quarterback: ” This goes in the record books in my mind. I am proud of myself, and I am really proud of this team today. I knew we could win. Now we just have to take it game by game the rest of the season.”

Autry Denson Tailback

On what was said at half in the locker room: ” There was not much to say at the half. We knew what we were doing wrong, and what we needed to do to win. We knew we had to capitalize on or chance during the second half and we did. During the second half we stepped it up and played like we knew we could.”

Notre Dame Head Coach Bob Davie

“That was obviously a big, big win. When you become a head coach, you enjoy it more for other people than yourself. I am so excited for the coaches and I’m so excited for this football team, because they sacrificed so much. … They deserve it. They’ve worked hard and played hard. I think they played better as the game went on, which I think shows how much work they did in the offseason.”

“The two (Michigan) turnovers (early in the third quarter) really helped. They changed the momentum of that game. Both plays helped.”

“Anytime you have a quarterback that can move around a little bit, the percentage of big plays goes up.”

“Their quarterbacks played extremely well … their receivers made some big-time catches.”

“I told them after the game that this is a big win but it will only be big at this time next week if we handle it right and we go play well at Michigan State.”

“I am really excited about this football team. I like the potential of this football team. Our defense in the first half played with a lot of heart. … down on the goalline, we made it difficult for Michigan to score.”

“I felt pretty good at halftime because I knew that number seven (Jackson) would get better in the second half, once he got feet on the ground and got some confidence.”

“We talked about before the game (that) I don’t want any negative thoughts or one negative word on that sideline. … We made some mistakes but we worked the mistakes out. The big thing was staying positive. There wasn’t a lot of x’s and o’s things going on.”

“(Michigan’s) missed field goals were big.”

“We were able to run the football fairly well. One thing that option football does for you … is it makes (the opponent) defend it all. And I also thing it wears (the opponent) down physically.”

“We’ve talked about ‘If we do this, this and this, we’ll win.’ At some point, you better step up and win. … There’s a point where you have to win a big football game. … I think (this win) jumpstarts us.”

“I’ve seen Jarious down before but I’ve seen him bounce back … (due to) his personality and competitiveness. I think he will play better as we go (this season).”

“We hoped that it was going to be hot. … But I was concerned because we played so many snaps.”

“I’m surprised that we scored so many points. … That’s why I was concerned when we made that mistake on first and goal on the two. … But big plays allow you to score points.”

Michigan Player Quotes

Tom Brady, quarterback

On his first start– “I felt comfortable today. It is just a shame that played our hearts out there today and we still lost. A loss like this just tears our hearts out.”

On the field goals attempts– “Any time you are on the road you just want to put points on the board, and it just did not turn out for us.”

On next week’s game — “You are going to see a different team out there. A tougher team and bigger team.”

Tai Streets, receiver

On the game overall — “We did not do the job today. We did not move the ball, and we needed to score more in the first half.”

On Notre Dame’s defense in the second half — “You have to give Notre Dame credit. They changed up their defense, stopped the run, and came up big when they had to.”

Sam Sword, linebacker

On being out of the game in the second half — “The hardest thing was that there was nothing I could do to help the team. I felt I was letting my teammates down by not being on the field.”

On Notre Dame in the second half — “They controlled the line of scrimmage, made big runs, and stuck with the plays until the end.”

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr

On the game: “I think without a question that it was a game of momentum. We had some in the first half, but we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities. Notre Dame got the momentum in the second half, and then we turned the ball over. We had big plays in the second half where we got the opportunities to score some points, and we didn’t do it. So instead of turning the momentum around, we maintained the momentum for Notre Dame.”

On his team: “We have no excuses. We didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that we had in the first half when we had a chance to blow the game open. We turned the ball over too many times in the second half. Our defense got tired, and we missed four field goals. We also didn’t run the ball well. The one bright spot is that we threw the ball well, but we have a long way to go and a lot of corrections to make.”

On Tom Brady: “I thought that he played pretty well. He showed good poise and he threw the ball well. I thought that he showed a lot of maturity for playing as well as he did in an environment such as Notre Dame Stadium.”