Jan. 11, 2014

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January 11, 2014 – McCamish Pavilion

Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey

Opening Statement
“I’m really proud of my team because to start the game and to start the second half it didn’t look like we were going to have a chance at anything. We kept plugging and I’m thrilled we gave ourselves a chance. We just couldn’t get a key stop at a key time either out of our zone or man-to-man. I think the two three-point shots we daggers. They were long shots, probably a little contested. So disappointing for us, but again I’m proud of our group because we were searching for 30 minutes on who we were, how to play. We kind of found it for the last 10 minutes and you thought it was going to be enough. Georgia Tech made really big shots and key free throws to win the game.”

What happened with Eric Atkins on that last possession?
“I think he said he thought they were trying to foul; up three points and trying to foul. He was trying to go into this motion to get a call. That’s probably almost out-thinking yourself. He and I were just talking about it. Especially on the road, let’s get the thing down the floor, drive and kick, and see if we can get a three-point shot. I understand was he was reacting. I have to watch it on tape because we don’t get a look right there. You’d wish to at least get a look.

What contributed to Garrick Sherman’s tough start?
“Georgia Tech’s size. Daniel Miller. They really have a powerful, athletic front line. We just couldn’t get him going. In the second half, he got into a better rhythm and really helped us. Not only Miller, but the other guys coming over. Miller initially is a big, physical presence. He is a heck of a college basketball player. I’m very impressed with him.”

How do you think road atmospheres in the ACC differ from the Big East?
“That was a great atmosphere. The one thing I tried to tell our fans and our team going into the ACC is that it’s going to be harder to win on the road than in the big east because everything is an on campus facility. We’d play Georgetown down in the Verizon Center, we’d buy a lot of tickets. When we’d play DePaul in the All-State Arena, we’d buy tickets. We’d play Villanova downtown where the 76ers play. None of that happens in the ACC playing on the road, and today was the ultimate. Their fans were great. Their fans gave them probably the confidence to win the basketball game.”

Trae Golden really jump started Tech today.
“He is a tough one to handle. Of course, we have to figure it out because we play them again in South Bend. His strength is hard to deal with. He’s barreling down on you all the time. It’s kind of hard to guard him without fouling because he’s so physical. He made a big shot and he’s the guy who has made big shots for them. When he took it, I’m thinking `I wish he wasn’t taking this’. He’s really changed their team. I know he’s new this year. He’s been a great addition for them.”

What got you settled to tie it up?
“We went small again. Zone helped us. We went big and we went zone and they missed some shots. We got some things in transition. We got some easy baskets. It’s hard to play against their set defense. They are a very good defensive team. They are athletic. They are long. The court looks small sometimes attacking them. We downshifted and went small and we had the floor spread and had some really good stuff. I thought Austin Burgett gave us some really good stuff. Guys gave us good stuff today. We just have to be better getting out of the gate on the road and getting out of the gate in the second half. When you’re digging out of those holes, it’s exhausting. Sometimes you almost don’t deserve to win the game because of how you started the game and how you started the half.”

Georgia Tech Head Coach Brian Gregory

Opening Statement
“This was just a tremendous college basketball game. I have just a ton of respect for Mike Brey and what he’s done. It was two teams who are trying to re-discover themselves with guys out. Both teams played extremely hard, both teams played extremely hard in terms of sharing the ball. For me, in terms of what we’re trying to do, it was just a beautiful afternoon”.

“Our guys played with great intensity, but all that did was match the intensity that was in the arena. Great crowd, students were tremendous and just into it the whole game. We hadn’t been home in over a month, that’s a long time and we needed this. We don’t win this game playing at home and playing with the crowd that we had. Part of the re-building is getting that back, where this is a difficult place to play. It was today”.

“I thought our guys did a lot of good things. We lost the lead, there a good team they’re going to fight back, and we responded well. We had some really good things to build on and some things we’ve got to do better. At this point we want our guys to done that when they’re done they left it all on the court, and they did that today.”

The importance of having a game of lead changes and to come out on top
“It’s very important. I would never de-value the importance of this kind of game in the long run. When you’ve played well for 35 minutes and you’re not able to finish the game off that hurts. So to do this, get down and come back and win, is great. The one thing that is our biggest challenge though is sustaining. Did we learn from that? The next time we have to go back and think, `last time that happened, do we remember that’? Then you have to fight back and get through it. That consistency – that would be a big step for us.”

Chris Bolden’s Performance
“Yeah, 4-8 from the three, I would take that every night. He was more aggressive. He’s been putting in a lot of time. He was earlier too, but I think it’s even more concentrated time. He’s really working on things that can help him in game situations. I’m pleased with that. I think he did a great job defensively. We need that. With Robert Carter not playing, we need everybody during these last 15 games now to play their best basketball of the season and keep getting better. I said before the game that I thought Chris was ready to have a really good game. I’ve said that before, but I’m glad I was right today.”

On Trae Golden’s performance
“Trae did a really great job. They did a really good job in the second half of closing up some of that stuff we thought we could take advantage of so some other guys had to do some stuff. You can’t ask much more from Trae than what we got. He played less amount of minutes today, and he shot the best that he has in about a month.”

On Corey Heyward’s play
“The guy that I thought was the unsung hero for us today was Corey. I thought he defended Eric Atkins well. I had no problem at all keeping him out there at the end of the game on Atkins, who is a tough coverage. My hope is he’s able to build on that.”

The matchup of Daniel Miller and Garrick Sherman
“That’s a great matchup between those two guys. Garrick is a little more offensively aggressive and I think Daniel might have an overall better feel on the defensive side of the ball. Those are two fifth-year guys that have made themselves into great players. That was a good battle.”

Having underclassmen at the line at the end of the game
“I thought Chris had some mistakes earlier in the game. Then he had to go to the free throw line, and before he wouldn’t have made those two before. He would have been thinking about that stuff, but he made them. I thought that was a big step maturity-wise. I think Q (Quinton Stephens) every single day has gotten better. He made some big plays for us today, made some big shots. I’m surprised when he misses a shot, which I guess is a good thing.”