March 4, 2006

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Notre Dame vs. DePaul
Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey Quotes
March 4, 2006

Overall Comments …
“I am very proud of this group. After the Louisville game I told the players that nothing is going to be easy the rest of the way and especially after last Saturday, these players never quit and we are going to New York. This team deserves to go to New York.”

On Russell Carter…
“He played fabulous. He maybe the most improved player in all of college basketball over the last six weeks and we need him to keep doing what he’s doing.

On play of the offense …
“We played smart offensively. I thought we did a good job of getting open looks, we didn’t knock them all down unfortunately but we only turned the ball over seven times.

On the last two minutes of the game …
“I really thought we played great three-point defense. I can’t say enough about Colin Falls because today he was struggling but he that three-pointer to give us some breathing then hit those foul shots at the end of the game that were huge.”

Notre Dame vs. DePaul
Notre Dame Player Quotes
March 4, 2006

Senior Guard Chris Quinn
On starting out quickly
“We were running the floor really well. My teammates were doing a great job running the floor. I was able to get them the ball in good position to score. A lot of teams are going to key on me and Colin [Falls] because of our reputation, but you know the other guys on our team can play as well — especially the way Russell Carter is playing lately.

Junior Guard Russell Carter
On the numerous close games Notre Dame has been involved in “I’m just having fun out there. We have a great group of guys, and everyone saw the talent we have as a team in losing those close games, but now we’re pulling it together and pulling out some victories. It’s definitely a marathon. It’s a long season, tough losses and tough wins; it’s been a tough season, but I’m glad I get to send these seniors to New York.”

Senior Forward Rick Cornett
On winning a low-scoring game
“We had to do the little things on the defensive end: grab loose balls, get extra rebounds, just play tough and physical. That’s what we did.”

On closing out the regular season with two wins
“It gives us a lot of confidence. With two big wins that we needed it gives us a little extra push going into New York, knowing that we can go in there and compete with anyone.”

Notre Dame vs. DePaul
DePaul Head Coach Jerry Wainwright Quotes
March 4, 2006

Coach Wainwright’s reflection of the game
“Mike Brey is a good friend, a good person and a good family man, and he does a great job representing our profession. Anyone who would question what he has done at this institution over a period of time is not only fool-hearted, but also irresponsible. He has terrific kids and they play the game the right way. Chris Quinn is a terrific kid. I also like Torin, and Rick is a good kid as well. I am happy for their seniors. They were able to get through the grind, and now they have the opportunity to play on. I thought our kids represented our school the right way as well, but we just did not have it in us through the last couple of possessions.”

Notre Dame vs. DePaul
DePaul Player Quotes
March 4, 2006

Junior Guard Sammy Mejia

On his first half to second play
“When I made a move in the second half they were sending an extra guy at me which was fine because I was able to get some shots for my teammates. In the first half I was getting a lot of one-on-one opportunities but didn’t get them in them in the second half.”

On any fatigue from Thursday’s game
“I don’t think we are physically tired but I think it was more mental. These last two weeks we have had some much pressure mental pressure on us with us trying to get a berth in the Big East tournament and it was certainly more mental than physical.”

On defense and Russell Carter’s play
“Russell Carter has been playing well these last few games. More than anything we didn’t want Chris Quinn and Colin Falls to get off to a good start because that offense feeds of them but Carter stepped up and made big plays.”