Aug. 25, 2006

The Notre Dame athletic department hotline has realigned its menu offerings for the 2006 fall and winter sports seasons.

The hotline provides schedule and results information for varsity sports and serves as a supplement to the live coverage and game recaps already provided on the official athletic website at

Here’s how the hotline now is realigned (as of Aug. 25):

* Dial (574) 631-3000

* Select any of the following subgroups (note that pressing 0 at any time will return you to the main menu, thus you can check multiple sports on the same call):

(1) Upcoming schedule and recent results of ALL varsity sports currently in action (select cells 3-9 for the most updated results for specific sports)

(2) 2006 football schedule

(3) Basketball information (then press 1 for men’s basketball and 2 for women’s basketball)

(4) Soccer information (then press 1 for men’s soccer and 2 for women’s soccer)

(5) Women’s volleyball (press 1) and men’s ice hockey (press 2) information

(6) Men’s and women’s cross country information

(7) Men’s and women’s swimming and diving information (then press 1 for men’s swimming and 2 for women’s swimming)

(8) Tennis information (then press 1 for men’s tennis and 2 for women’s tennis) and men’s and women’s fencing information (press 3)

(9) Women’s golf (press 1), men’s golf (press 2) and women’s rowing (press 3) information