Notre Dame Olympians Central

Natalie Achonwa (Canada)2012LondonBasketballND | CAN
Shannon Boxx2012LondonSoccerGold
Candace Chapman (Canada)2012LondonSoccerBrozeCAN
Molly Huddle2012London5,000 MetersND | USA
Courtney Hurley2012LondonFencing (Individual Epee)
Fencing (Team Epee)
Kelley Hurley2012LondonFencing (Team Epee)BronzeND |
Lee Kiefer2012LondonFencing (Individual Foil)
Fencing (Team Foil)
Gerek Meinhardt2012LondonFencing (Team Foil)ND
Selim Nurudeen (Nigeria)2012London110-Meter High Hurdles
Amanda Polk2012LondonRowing (Alternate)ND
Mary Saxer2012LondonPole Vault (Alternate)ND | USA
Melissa Tancredi (Canada)2012LondonSoccerBronze
Mariel Zagunis2012LondonFencing (Individual Sabre)ND | Time
Shannon Boxx2008BeijingSoccerGold
Thomas Chamney (Ireland)2008Beijing800 MetersND
Candace Chapman (Canada)2008BeijingSoccer
Kelley Hurley2008BeijingFencing (Individual Epee)ND
Kate (Sobrero) Markgraf2008BeijingSoccerGold
Gerek Meinhardt2008BeijingFencing (Individual Foil)ND
Selim Nurudeen (Nigeria)2008Beijing110-Meter High Hurdles
Melissa Tancredi (Canada)2008BeijingSoccer
Mariel Zagunis2008BeijingFencing (Individual Sabre)
Fencing (Team Sabre)
ND | Time
Marton Gyulai (Hungary)2006TorinoTwo-Man Bobsled
Four-Man Bobsled
Christel Bouvron (Singapore)2004Athens200-Meter Butterfly
Shannon Boxx2004AthensSoccerGold
Monica Gonzalez (Mexico)2004AthensSoccer
Andrew MacKay (Cayman Islands)2004Athens200-Meter Individual Medley
400-Meter Individual Medle
Kate (Sobrero) Markgraf2004AthensSoccerGold
Ruth Riley2004AthensBasketballGoldND
Jeff Smoke2004AthensFlatwater Kayak
Jan Viviani2004AthensFencing (Individual Epee)
Mariel Zagunis2004AthensFencing (Individual Sabre)GoldND | Time
Marton Gyulai (Hungary)2002Salt Lake CityFour-Man Bobsled
Christel Bouvron (Singapore)2000Sydney200-Meter Butterfly
400-Meter Butterfly
Nick Radkewich2000SydneyTriathlon
Kate Sobrero2000SydneySoccerSilver
Mike Gostigian1996AtlantaModern Pentathlon
Jileen Siroky1996Atlanta200-Meter Breaststroke
Sara Walsh1996AtlantaFencing (Individual Foil, Alternate)
Mike Gostigian1992BarcelonaModern Pentathlon
Leszek Nowosielski (Canada)1992BarcelonaFencing (Individual Sabre)
Molly Sullivan1992BarcelonaFencing (Individual Foil)
Mike Gostigian1988SeoulModern Pentathlon
Molly Sullivan1988SeoulFencing (Individual Foil)
Bjorn Vaggo (Sweden)1984Los AngelesFencing (Individual Epee)Silver
Debbie Brown1980MoscowVolleyballND
Tim Glass1980MoscowFencing (Individual Epee)
Bill Hanzlik1980MoscowBasketball
Adrian Dantley1976MontrealBasketballGold
Rick Wohlhuter1976Montreal800 Meters
1,500 Meters
Rick Wohlhuter1972Munich800 Meters
Shaun Fitzmaurice1964TokyoBaseball (exhibition sport)
Vince Boryla1948LondonBasketballGold
Alex Wilson (Canada)1932Los Angeles400 Meters
800 Meters
4 x 400-Meter Relay
Alex Wilson (Canada)1928Amsterdam400 Meters
800 Meters
4 x 400-Meter Relay
Tom Lieb1924ParisDiscusBronze
August "Gus" Desch1920Antwerp400-Meter HurdlesBronze
Johnny Murphy1920AntwerpHigh Jump
Forest Fletcher1912StockholmHigh Jump
Long Jump
George Philbrook1912StockholmDecathalon
Shot Put
James Wasson1912Stockholm100 Yards (Alternate)

Notes: all Olympic cities listed are Summer Games, except for the 2002 Salt Lake City and 2006 Torino Olympics (both Winter Games) … the above list (counting the 2012 Olympians but not including Debbie Brown, Amanda Polk, Mary Saxer, Jeff Smoke, Sara Walsh and James Wasson) includes 37 Notre Dame student-athletes (former, present or future) who have earned a total of 19 medals (nine gold) while competing in 17 of the past 22 Summer Olympics (dating back to 1912 Stockholm Games), and past 11 overall (plus 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympics) and 28 different events (including the four-man bobsled at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games and two-man bobsled at the 2006 Torino Winter Games) … the United States did not participate in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, boycotting the Games to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan the year before … Boxx, Markgraf and Zagunis are only two-time Olympic gold medalists in school history (Zagunis only one to do so in individual event) … Wilson is the only four-time Olympic medalist in school history (a mark Zagunis can tie in 2012) … Gostigian and Markgraf are the only athletes with Notre Dame connections to compete in three different Olympics (Boxx and Zagunis will join them with their participation in the 2012 London Games) … Brown is the current Notre Dame volleyball head coach (she was an All-America volleyball player at USC and also was an assistant coach on the 1988 U.S. Olympic women’s volleyball team) … Smoke is a 2000 Notre Dame graduate, but did not compete in intercollegiate athletics at the University … Wasson and Walsh attended their respective Olympics as alternates, but did not compete (Kelley Hurley, Meinhardt, Polk and Saxer are listed as alternates for the 2012 London Games) … Wilson later coached track at his alma mater (Notre Dame) … three listed athletes competed in sports other than their Olympic event while at Notre Dame (Gostigian in fencing, Gyulai & Radkewich in track & field) … Siroky competed in the Atlanta Games as a 15-year-old … Zagunis delayed her admission to Notre Dame until after the 2004 Athens Games, competed at Notre Dame through the 2005-06 season, then turned professional prior to the 2008 Beijing Games, thereby forgoing the remainder of her collegiate eligibility … World War II forced the cancellation of the 1940 Games (first awarded to Tokyo, later to Helsinki after the outbreak of war) and the 1944 Games (London) .. Notre Dame All-America track & field athlete and 1940 Sullivan Award recipient Greg Rice – world record holder in the three-mile run in 1940 and billed as one of the greatest distance runners the U.S. has ever produced – surely would have competed for Olympic medals at the 1940 and 1944 Games.

Schedule of Events for Notre Dame Athletes

DateTime (ET)*Event (Athlete)TV Coverage**
July 25NoonWomen's Soccer - U.S. vs. France (Shannon Boxx)NBCSN (live)
NoonWomen's Soccer - Canada vs. Japan (Candace Chapman/Melissa Tancredi)NBCSN (tape-6p)
July 274 p.m.Opening CeremoniesNBC (tape-7:30p)
July 285:30 a.m.Women's Fencing - Individual Foil/preliminaries (Lee Kiefer)
6:15 a.mWomen's Basketball - Canada vs. Russia (Natalie Achonwa)NBCOBC (live)
9:45 a.m. Women's Soccer - Canada vs. South Africa (Candace Chapman/Melissa Tancredi)NBCOBC (live)
NoonWomen's Soccer - U.S. vs. Colombia (Shannon Boxx)NBCSN (live)
July 305:30 a.m.Women's Fencing - Individual Epee/preliminaries (Courtney Hurley)
3 p.m.Women's Basketball - Canada vs. Great Britain (Natalie Achonwa)NBCOBC (live)
July 319:30 a.m.Women's Soccer - Canada vs. Sweden (Candace Chapman/Melissa Tancredi)NBCOBC (live)
12:15 p.m.Women's Soccer - U.S. vs. North Korea (Shannon Boxx)NBCSN (live)
Aug. 14 a.m.Women's Basketball - Canada vs. France (Natalie Achonwa)NBCOBC (live
8:10 a.m.Women's Fencing - Individual Sabre/preliminaries (Mariel Zagunis)
2:40 p.m.Women's Fencing - Individual Sabre/bronze medal (Mariel Zagunis)MSNBC (live)
Aug. 24 a.m.Women's Fencing - Team Foil/preliminaries (Lee Kiefer
1 p.m.Women's Fencing - Team Epee/bronze medal (Courtney Hurley/Kelley Hurley)
Aug. 39:30 a.m.Women's Basketball - Canada vs. Brazil (Natalie Achonwa)NBCOBC (live)
9:30 a.m.Women's Soccer Quarterfinals - U.S. vs. New Zealand (Shannon Boxx)NBCSN (live)
2:30 p.m.Women's Soccer Quarterfinals - Canada vs. Great Britain (Candace Chapman/Melissa Tancredi)NBCSN (live)
Aug. 44 a.m.Women's Fencing - Team Epee/preliminaries (Courtney Hurley)
1 p.m.Women's Fencing - Team Epee/bronze medal (Courtney Hurley/Kelley Hurley)
Aug 5. 5:30 a.m.Men's Fencing - Team Foil/preliminaries (Gerek Meinhardt)
9:30 a.m.Women's Basketball - Canada vs. Australia (Natalie Achonwa)NBCOBC (live)
10 a.m.Men's Fencing - Team Foil/bronze medal (Gerek Meinhardt)
Aug. 62:45 p.m.Women's Soccer Semifinals - U.S. (Shannon Boxx) vs. Canada (Candace Chapman/Melissa Tancredi)NBCSN (live)
Aug. 75:10 a.m.Men's Track & Field - 110-meter high hurdles preliminaries (Selim Nurudeen)NBC (tape-10a)
5:55 a.m.Women's Track & Field - 5,000-meter run preliminaries (Molly Huddle)NBC (tape-10a)
9:00 a.m.Women's Basketball Quarterfinals - Canada vs. U.S. (Natalie Achonwa)NBCSN (live)
Aug. 82:15 p.m.Men's Track & Field - 110-meter high hurdles semifinals (Selim Nurudeen)
Aug. 98 a.m.Women's Soccer Bronze Medal - Canada vs. France (Candace Chapman/Melissa Tancredi)NBCSN (live)
2:30 p.m.Women's Soccer Gold Medal - U.S. vs. Japan (Shannon Boxx)NBCSN (live)
Aug. 103:05 p.m.Women's Track & Field - 5,000-meter run final (Molly Huddle)NBC (tape)
(8/11 - 12:35a)
Aug. 12TBAClosing CeremoniesNBC (tape)

* – all times listed are Eastern (London is five hours ahead of Eastern Time) … dates and times listed are tentative and, in some cases, are contingent upon team/individual qualifying for that round of the competition … fencing involves single-day competition in each weapon (individual and team events) – times listed as start of the day’s competition, and then again later that day for the medal bouts … schedule does not include competitions for those athletes with Notre Dame connections who are listed as alternates (if they are added to the active participant roster in their event, their schedule will be added to this rundown) … visit for the latest information.

** – NBCSN is short for NBC Sports Network … check local listings to see if you get the NBC Olympic Basketball Channel (NBCOBC) or the NBC Olympic Soccer Channel (NBCOSC) … in addition to televised coverage, will offer comprehensive live on-line coverage from all 32 sports at the London Olympics (as well as a special “Live Extra” app for smartphones and tablets) … some events may not be shown live on television, instead airing on a tape-delayed basis and/or replayed later in day on one of the NBC networks (if exact broadcast time is known, it’s noted in schedule based on when event will air in Eastern Time Zone) … television coverage is subject to change … visit or check local listings for the latest information … information on selected international television coverage can be found through the web sites of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( and the British Broadcasting Corporation (