Feb. 21, 2015

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On defending Hanlan:
“I thought we did a good job with Hanlan not getting his 30 (points). When he gets his 30 then the games are interesting–and BC is in them. I thought Demetrius Jackson was really good (defending Hanlan), especially in the second half.” On their offensive efficiency:

“We are really talented on that end of the floor. The last two games we’ve been, as a whole, in another gear and I hope we can certainly continue that because it’s coming at the right time of the year.”

“I thought Jerian Grant tonight was great because they’re really aware of him and they kind almost double off of ball screens. He just made some easy plays, got guys shots and didn’t worry about his numbers. He was such a man out there, dragging ball screens and kicking back while other guys were making plays. He’s been playing that way all year. He just wants to win.”


Opening Statement:
“It’s hard not to be unbelievably impressed with what they do on offense. They’re a very difficult team to guard. They have five guys who can make plays. The floor is stretched out. They put you in so many tough rotations and they shot the ball really well. You almost have to pick your poison.” “And (Jerian) Grant, I thought from a floor game today he just played outstanding. He’s an outstanding player and they made every open 3-point shot. They just played really, really well.”

On Notre Dame’s offense:
“When teams shoot the ball like that, it’s not one team or the other. You know, they made us pay. If we made any mistake or if we got caught in a rotation and they rotated out that’s not an easy shot to make.”

“One thing about them, if you watch them play, I think they finish inside better than any team in the league. When those guys drive in, it’s two or three (points). They don’t miss layups. They make the right plays and a lot it has to do with their two guards. Those two guards are a lot to handle.” “I was unbelievably impressed with how Grant played the game. We went zone, he got the ball in the middle of the floor and carved us in there. He carved us up off of the ball screen. He’s a terrific player.”