Nov. 17, 2012

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Barclays Center
2012 Coaches vs. Cancer
Notre Dame vs. Saint Joseph’s
November 16, 2012

Notre Dame

Head Coach Mike Brey

“What an unbelievable November game. We’re disappointed because we were in a good position up eight, but they got some offensive rebounds and second shots and that hurt us.”

“We had some really great looks, and if we hit one of them maybe we escape, but we couldn’t. We did some good things, but I’m disappointed in our toughness in the lane against their front line. They are a heck of a team, they are really good.”

“They have a few more men than us. They were more men than us tonight and that’s why they won. They play at their pace, they know who they are. They are a really good team.”

On the Saint Joseph’s front line:
“I was trying to think of someone in our league that gives us that look and the only one I could think of was Syracuse.”

Eric Atkins

On Saint Joseph’s performance:
“Rebounding was tough for us. On offense we had good looks, but couldn’t knock them down in a timely manner. They did a good job of defending us all game.”

Jack Cooley

On Saint Joseph’s front line:
“They are really good and they are extremely athletic. It was a challenge and a different look than we’ve seen in our first few games.”

Saint Joseph’s Hawks

Head Coach Phil Martelli

On the Game:
“The three things we had written in our scouting reports were…the mental preparation to be ready for a physical challenge, which it was, a concentration challenge, which it was, and the shot-clock challenge. We thought the shot-clock would be more of a factor. We had a couple of wild plays but we passed those tests and were down six to come back against that veteran group and the way they were shooting it. I am really happy we have advanced our game. We were better than we were on Monday and we will have to be better tomorrow than we were tonight.”

On his team’s resolve:
“We have been harping with this team about possession, like finishing possessions, scores, and stops. It is not spurts in games like that; it is, do you score and do you stop? I thought our defense got better as the game got a little bit longer. We can’t possibly give a team 20-offensive rebounds… We have to go somewhere and give up something and they made three-pointers, especially in the first-half.”

On utilizing C.J. Aiken, Ron Roberts and Halil Kanacevic in the starting lineup:

“The decision was made for me last spring…Once we started on September 15, this was the way we’re going and there had to be an offensive way and a defensive way and we had to say to Ron Roberts that he had to be a perimeter defender…One of the things we need to work on [happened] in the first-half. We were all staying in gaps and we weren’t stunning to the shooter, so (Pat) Connaughton had two 3-pointers right in front of our bench. We are going this way and we will work the kinks out as we go with these three big guys, because they are three of our best players.”