Nov. 11, 1998

Notre Dame is No. 1 when the college football teams in the current wire service and Bowl Championship Series rankings are reranked by graduation rate, and the overall graduation rate of all student-athletes at the University is second among the nation’s Division I-A colleges and universities, according to the latest annual report compiled by the NCAA.

The 1998 NCAA Graduation-Rates Report, the eighth such survey issued by the association, covers students who enrolled between 1988 and 1991 at 308 Division I institutions. The NCAA bases graduation rates on the raw percentage of student-athletes who entered an institution and graduated within six years. Students who leave or transfer, regardless of academic standing, are considered nongraduates.

Using the NCAA formula, Notre Dame graduated 88 percent of its student-athletes, second only to Duke University at 92 percent. (Among student-athletes who complete all four years of athletic eligibility at Notre Dame, i.e., not considering those who leave or transfer, 99 percent earn their degree.) The national average for Division I-A schools – the 111 institutions with the largest football programs – is 58 percent.

Notre Dame graduated 86 percent of men competing in varsity athletics, again second to Duke’s 92 percent. Among women, Notre Dame’s 93-percent graduation rate is bettered by only Boston College’s 96 percent and Northwestern’s 95 percent.

Fighting Irish football players graduated at an 80-percent rate, fifth nationally behind Duke, Vanderbilt University, Boston College and Northwestern and first among the nation’s top 25 programs. Among the Big East Conference institutions, the 80-percent graduation rate of the Notre Dame men’s basketball program is second only to St. John’s University at 85 percent.

Notre Dame graduated 82 percent of its African-American student-athletes, third to Duke and Stanford University, at 94 and 83 percent, respectively.

Note: See the accompanying charts for more information.

All Student-Athletes
Institution %1. Duke 922. Notre Dame 883. Stanford 864. Northwestern 855. Virginia 846. Boston College 83(tie) Vanderbilt 838. Penn State 79(tie) SMU 79(tie) Michigan State 79

Male Student-Athletes
Institution %1. Duke 922. Notre Dame 863. Stanford 854. Vanderbilt 815. Northwestern 80(tie)Virginia 807. Boston College 77(tie)SMU 779. Penn State 7510. Illinois 71(tie)Rice 71(tie)Wake Forest 71

Big East ConferenceMen's Basketball
Institution %1. St. John's 852. Notre Dame 803. Providence 75(tie) Villanova 755. West Virginia 626. Rutgers 567. Georgetown 538. Miami 50(tie) Seton Hall 5010. Boston College 4711. Pittsburgh 4012. Connecticut 2913. Syracuse 25

Female Student-Athletes
Institution %1. Boston College 962. Northwestern 953. Notre Dame 934. Duke 92(tie) Virginia 926. Michigan 917. Rice 908. Stanford 89(tie) Vanderbilt 8910. Virginia Tech 88

Football Student-Athletes
Institution %1. Duke 932. Vanderbilt 853. Boston College 834. Northwestern 815. Notre Dame 806. Oregon State 787. Illinois 77(tie) SMU 779. Penn State 74(tie) Tulane 74(tie) Virginia 74

Institution %1. Duke 942. Stanford 833. Notre Dame 824. Vanderbilt 815. Virginia 79(tie) Northwestern 797. SMU 768. Penn State 729. Rice 7110 Oregon State 70

All statistics based on the 1988-91 entering classes for Division I-A institutions