Nov. 20, 1999

Head Coach Bob Davie

On key plays:
There are several big things that jump out at me. First is when we were up 14-0 and we were moving the football, the ball bounces out of our hands for a turnover. Then in a 14-14 game we pin them on the 1-yard line and allow them to drive down for a field goal. In the second half then, we were moving the ball and we dropped a pitch on the option. Then obviously we got the extra point blocked, which was a concern of ours because of their size up front. Then, the two point play and finally having a chance to win and then throwing an interception.

On the game:
It was a disappointing loss, but I’m proud of the way the players competed. When you’re down by fourteen points, it’s hard to rally and come back to win the game.

It was a highly competitive game. I was proud of our effort.

On Boston College:
I give Boston College credit. I thought their quarterback played really well. He can run. He gave us some different looks and he made a few plays throwing the football.

On Notre Dame’s offensive line:
They protected the quarterback pretty well. Also we were able to run the football at times. There was a little problem with extra points, but I thought overall they played pretty well.

On his team’s efforts:
All you ask is that guys give that kind of effort and play sixty minutes and I think we did that, especially the seniors.

On the blocked extra point:
At the time it was blocked, we said ?That’s going to come back to haunt us.’

On Arnaz Battle:
We did want to get him in the game because he has practiced so well over the last couple of weeks. We were going to get him in on the third series, but we decided to wait because Jarious was so hot.

On Notre Dame’s defense:
It’s hard to win when you give up 442 yards and 31 points. We’re struggling a little bit on defense. I think the secondary is playing okay, but overall on defense, we’re struggling.

Notre Dame Player Quotes

Linebacker Rocky Boiman

On the loss:
“I feel especially bad for the seniors, we really wanted to give them a win going out of here on their last game here. We had a lot of guys playing hard. It’s just one of those things that caught up to us. We played hard the whole time. You can’t give up those kind of points in this kind of ball game.”

Quarterback Jarious Jackson

ON the game:

“To me we played very poorly but at the start of the game we played pretty well. Toward the middle to the end of the game we played pretty poorly again. I feel down that I wasn’t able to pull the offense through.”

On the 5 and 6 season:

“The best thing for us to do is try to be 6 and 6.”

Two point Conversion:

“I tried to get Joey in the back of the endzone, but I think we were on two different pages. I thought that he was going to sit in the hole but he kept running. The ball was there, but he wasn’t able to come down with it. “