Sept. 18, 1999

Notre Dame Player Quotes

Bobby Brown — Split End

On his touchdown:
” I wish I could have gotten two or three more of them. I did push the defender, but we were both pushing off so it could have gone either way.”

On three loses in a row:
“It is very disappointing, but I would not want ot go through it with anyone other than my teamates. There going to fight back and I know that I am going to fight back, and if I am going to go through something like this there is no one I would like to go through it with except for my teamates.”

On Jarious Jackson:
“I think that Jarious is doing everything the coaches are asking him to do. He is capable of winning every game, and he has proen that. He has put us in the situation to win every single game, so I do not think that thereis anything wrong with what he is doing. I am happy that he is our quarterback.”

On the team having a confidence problem:
“I do not think we have a confidence problem, in fact I think we comeinto the game more confident than peoplereally think we are. In the game we always feel confident that we are going to win, and thats why it hurts so bad when we don’t.”

Michigan State Head Coach Nick Saban

On Michigan State’s overall performance:
“I was very pleased with we competed. It was not one of our best executed games. Notre Dame might have actually executed us in this game. Our players overcame a lot and our players played 60 minutes.

On Gari Scott’s late fourth quarter 80-yard touchdown reception:
“I don’t know what coverage Notre Dame was in but we threw a flat-high pattern and Burke delivered the ball well. The free safety missed the tackle and Scott took it all the way.”

On Notre Dame’s decision to punt on fourth and one with 3:08 left:
“They had all three timeouts and their defense played well all day. They played the field position and didn’t get us stopped. Part of being a coach is making that call.”

On being 3-0 vs. Notre Dame:
“It’s good for the program. We’ve invested a lot in this program, the administration and the coaching staff. It is good that we are getting the national recognition we deserve.”

On the performance of Notre Dame’s Jarious Jackson:
“Notre Dame is a difficult offense to prepare for. Jackson is a great athlete and executed the offense well. He had a few dropped passes. He is a lot better passer now than a year ago.”

Michigan State Player Quotes

Quarterback Bill Burke

On Michigan State’s last three victories over Notre Dame:
I’ve been a part of all three of them and everyone of them has been special. But I think today’s is the sweetest. Coming in here, we knew their (Notre Dame’s) backs were against the wall. That put added pressure on us and I’m really proud of the way our guys played today.

On Notre Dame’s effort in the second half:
I really think they (Notre Dame) played just as hard in the second half. It was a hard fought battle all the way to the end, and we expected that. I have a lot of respect for their players and the way they did play to the very end.

On the 80-yard touchdown pass:
I was just trying to do something to get us into position and give us a chance, and we scored points. It wasn’t easy, but we had some other guys on the team make some plays and he (Gari Scott) made that play.

Running Back Lloyd Clemons

On his numerous gains for short yardage:
There’s not that much frustration. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, and it isn’t any fun if it’s easy. That’s what you work so hard for, in the off-season and in practice, is for those types of situations.

On Notre Dame’s defense:
They (Notre Dame) had a good, fast form of defense. As soon as I got the ball, it felt like they were swarming me. But our line picked them up pretty well and blocked great, and I just followed my line.