September 11, 1998

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — The Academic Honors Program of the University of Notre Dame Athletic Department kicked off the 1998-99 academic year with a dinner Thursday night in the Notre Dame Stadium press box.

Both the president of the University, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., and athletic director Michael A. Wadsworth offered remarks as part of the program.

The Academic Honors Program, in its second year, pairs top student-athletes who excel at the highest level in both athletics and academics with University faculty member mentors within the student-athletes’ academic areas of interest.

Conducted under the auspices of Life Skills, the program identifies those high achievers and offers assistance in order that the students can achieve their fullest potential while attending the University. Student-athletes are encouraged to have ongoing contact with their faculty mentors to assist in reaching their academic and career goals.

Name                Sport         Major           Faculty MentorMike Brown          Track      Anthropology       Jim BellisKerry Callahan      Lacrosse   Sociology/Comm.    Jim O'RourkeJeff Connell        Golf       Accountancy        Bob WilliamsonBeth Cooper         Golf       Business/Finance   Ann GabrielDavid Cutler        Soccer     Architecture       Thomas Gordon SmithAniket Dhadphale    Hockey     Business/Finance   Frank ReillyJennifer Engelhardt Track      Science Ed.        Jerry MarleyMeotis Erikson      Soccer     Arts & Letters/MLS Bill KrierRay Fitzpatrick     Swimming   Mathematics        Alex HahnMonica Gonzalez     Soccer     Business           Barbara MangioneJennifer Hall       Tennis     Accountancy        Bill NicholsBrad Hardin         Golf       Biology            David HydeKevin Higgins       Lacrosse   History/Govern.    George HowardForrest Karr        Hockey     Business/Account.  Ed ConlonDanielle Klayman    Softball   Business           Pat MurphyAlison Klemmer      Track      Biology            Alan HowardBrittany Kline      Swimming   Business/MLS       Jerry WeiZak Kustok          Football   Business           Joe GuiltinanSarah LeSueur       Lacrosse   Business           Paquita FridayCarrie Marshall     Lacrosse   Biology            Joe O'TousaPhil Murphy         Soccer     Business/Finance   Bill MendenhallJeff Perconte       Baseball   Economics/Govern.  Peri ArnoldKelly Peterson      Track      English/Anthro.    Don SniegowskiPaul Rainey         Basketball Accountancy        Bill LeahyPatti Rice          Track      English/Music      Tom WergeRuth Riley          Basketball Arts & Letters/Comm.Karen HeislerJen Streiffer       Soccer     Anthropology       David HydeAndy Warford        Tennis     Business/Finance   Scott Malpass