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Murphy Will No Longer Discuss Future Plans

Feb. 4, 2000

NOTRE DAME, ind. – What does the future hold for Troy Murphy?

It has been a popular question for the Irish sophomore since the beginning of the year. A mystery it will remain until the end of Notre Dame’s rebound season.

After answering the usual questions about his team, Irish head coach Matt Doherty made an announcement on Wednesday night. He informed the media that the team and coaching staff would no longer address the questions about the sophomore’s plans for the future.

More attention had been place on Murphy after the remarks made by St. John’s head coach Mike Jarvis.

“Murphy’s a great player,” Jarvis said after the Feb. 12th game. “Unfortunately for Notre Dame, he probably won’t be here next year,” Jarvis continued. “My guys think he’s going to be one of the top three picks in the NBA (draft), to be honest with you.”

Murphy scored 30 points and had career-high 18 rebounds in the St. John’s contest.

With Jarvis’ comments came intense questioning of the sophomore, which eventually led to the decision. Doherty cited his reasoning as the increasing buildup about it and the incessant questions.

“There has been a lot of talk about Troy and whether or not he will be going to the pros,” Doherty said. “I hope you don’t mind but we decided we would rather not discuss that until after the season.”

Included in the silence pact are Murphy, Doherty, his staff, the team and Murphy’s family.

Murphy has established himself as a standout in not only the Big East but in the nation. Currently, he ranks fourth in the country in scoring. Also he ranks sixth in the nation in rebounds.

“I just think that is a load off of his shoulders, my shoulder and the team’s shoulders,” Doherty said. “I hope you understand that.”

Doherty is trying everything possible to keep Murphy and his teammates fresh. The Irish are in the midst of their last few weeks of conference play. If Notre Dame can capture a few road wins, then talk of an NCAA birth is not a dream and could become reality with a strong showing in the Big East tournament.

One thing is certain, mum is the word when it comes to Murphy’s future.