Aug. 18, 2003

by Lisa Mushett

His bright red hair and cowboy hat stand out above the crowd as he walks through the Notre Dame campus. Now sophomore center Bob Morton hopes his talent and 300-pound frame stand above the rest of the offensive line as he is fighting with junior Zachary Giles for the starting center position vacated by former All-America Jeff Faine.

While the singing cowboy from McKinney, Texas, is taking advantage of every practice and weightlifting session this offseason in hopes of earning that starting role, he more importantly had the best teaching tool of all when he was able to learn from what he terms “the very best” in first-round NFL draft pick Faine his first year at Notre Dame.

“To be the best, you have to learn from the best and I had that opportunity with Jeff,” Morton says.

“He does everything right whether it is his technique, his workout regimen or his overall preparation – and his intensity is matched by no one. He showed me where I want to go and how good of a player I can aspire to be during my career at Notre Dame.”