Monogram Club Giving Structure FAQs

Will I notice any changes in my Monogram Club member benefits & privileges?
Monogram winners who give at the $300 or $150 (young alum/senior) levels will not see a significant difference in the existing benefits offered, including access to the Monogram Club football ticket application. The Monogram Club staff and Board will continue to evaluate member benefits annually and identify opportunities to enhance current offerings.

Will this change impact my access to the football ticket application?
No. As in the past, Monogram Club gifts at the $300 or $150 (young alum/senior) levels will provide access to the Monogram Club football ticket application. Gifts of $1,500 or above will give Monogram winners elevated status in the football ticket lottery.

I have traditionally contributed at the $75 level. What does this new structure mean for me?
All Monogram winners (giving and non-giving) will now have complimentary access to Club events and communications that were once available only to those contributing $75 or more. If you have traditionally contributed at the $75 level, we hope that you will continue to give by giving an annual gift of any size to the Rockne Athletics Fund.

How does this impact access to Monogram Club events?
Members who elect not to gift at the basic level ($150-300 for young and senior alum) will still have access to events through event-specific paid registration.

What if I was an active Monogram Club member who also supported the Rockne Athletics Fund?
We encourage you to continue to support the Rockne Athletics Fund at your same level. Your Rockne Athletics Fund gifts have had a transformative impact on the lives of current and former Notre Dame student-­athletes.

Can I still contribute to the Brennan-­Boland-Riehle Scholarship Fund and the Catastrophic Relief/Heaton Fund?
Yes. Please follow this link to access the Notre Dame Giving Platform. Here, you can designate the BBR Fund, the Heaton Fund, and the Rockne Athletics Fund for contributions.

Will Monogram Club members who make gifts to Rockne Athletics Funds have access to special Rockne Athletics Fund events?
Yes. Those who contribute to the Rockne Athletics Fund at the Monogram Rockne Green ($1,500), Monogram Rockne Blue ($5,000), and Monogram Rockne Gold ($10,000) levels will have access to additional events and engagement opportunities through their Rockne membership.

Additional Questions?
​Feel free to contact the Monogram Club office at 574 ­631­ 5450 or