Monogram Club Mission

Three in One

The Monogram Club is a community comprised of former Notre Dame student-athletes and student support staff members, as well as an on-campus staff and Board of Directors.

Community Mission​

​As one community, our mission is to live everyday during our four years and forever onward in honor of five core values:

Community · Legacy · Service · Diversity · Excellence

As former student-athletes of the University, we were honored for our loyalty, not only to our teammates and programs, but also for our commitment to these values when we were endowed with the University’s athletic insignia. As staff members who joined our community from other walks of life, we show loyalty to these values through our unwavering support of former Notre Dame student-athletes.

Staff and Board Mission

In addition to the Monogram Club’s collective mission, our promise to you as a support system is to provide you with the resources necessary to continue to be an active and thriving part of the Notre Dame community. This means providing opportunities for networking, continued education, community service and support in times of financial need. It also means providing access to exclusive resources, events and other opportunities made available only to those who have the unique distinction of being Monogram winners. Learn more about these resources and opportunities in the benefits tab at the top of the page.

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