Jesse Harper (left) and Knute Rockne (right) founded the Monogram Club in 1916.

Monogram Club M.A.S.S. Appeal

March 26, 2016

Over the last century the Monogram Club has established a rich history thanks to the remarkable accomplishments and dedication of its membership. Monogram winners have contributed so much to the Notre Dame community and beyond. Loyal membership is the heartbeat that allows the Monogram Club to continue to be so strong as it enters its second century!

Monogram Club co-founders Jesse Harper and Knute Rockne held the Club’s first official meeting on March 26, 1916. Harper was Notre Dame’s head football coach and athletics director at the time, while Rockne was an assistant coach.

In honor of its 100th birthday, the Monogram Club is issuing a goal — or call it a birthday wish — to its membership. The Club is hoping that 100 percent of all Monogram winners are involved with the Club in 2016 as the organization begins laying the foundation for the next 100 years.

Involvement can come in a variety of ways and it doesn’t necessarily require a presence on campus, although we hope that the majority of Monogram winners are able to make it back over the coming months to join us in this special celebration. The Club values each of its members and is well aware of the busy schedules that everyone has and that is why it has devised a plan that hopefully has M.A.S.S. (membership, advocate, service, support) appeal and makes it possible for everyone to get involved!


Be an active dues-paying member of the Monogram Club.

The Monogram Club continues to focus on key initiatives that support the growth of current Notre Dame student-athletes and allow for continued engagement with membership. None of this would be possible without the support of Monogram Club members. Here are some programs supported by Monogram Club dues:

– Monogram awards (Monogram jackets, stadium blankets, rings, etc.) for current student-athletes.

– The team-hosting program, which allows Notre Dame teams to have unique educational and cultural experiences while traveling for competition.

Postgraduate scholarships.

Monogram Career Network.

– Access to the Brennan-Boland-Riehle Scholarship Fund (BBRSF) for eligible sons and daughters of Monogram Club members attending Notre Dame.

– Valuable and unique student-athlete initiatives developed by the Student Welfare & Development office.

– Fellowship opportunities, including pre-game receptions, post-game Masses and regional events, for its members. Dues-paying members also have the opportunity to take part in the Club’s football pre-game tunnels (pictured).

– Being an active dues-paying member at the $150 or $300 levels grants you access to the Monogram Club football ticket application.

Click here for member benefits & to renew your membership.


Be an advocate for Monogram Club initiatives, including the Monogram Career Network.

The Monogram Career Network (MCN) is a national network in which Monogram-winning alumni can connect with current student-athletes to assist in the career discernment process.

– During the 2014-15 academic year, there were 73 student-athletes enrolled in the MCN and over 225 alumni committed to assisting in career development programming.

– The Club also hosts MCN luncheons (pictured) where current student-athletes can network with Monogram Club board members and other Monogram winners. Learn more about MCN.

– Another key Monogram Club initiative is the Brennan-Boland-Riehle Scholarship Fund (BBRSF).

– The BBRSF provides financial aid to sons and daughters of Monogram winners to attend the University of Notre Dame.

– During the 2014-15 academic year, 31 Notre Dame students received a total of $284,454 in financial aid, as beneficiaries of the BBRSF.

– Monogram Club members can contribute to the BBRSF during the Club’s annual membership campaign. Learn more about the BBRSF.


Participate in service work that helps the Notre Dame community and your local community.

Community service likely was an important component of the undergraduate experience for many Monogram winners. The Monogram Club strives to keep that commitment going by taking part in numerous service projects throughout the year.

– The Club has partnered with the Notre Dame Alumni Association for Shamrock Series service projects in Indianapolis in 2014 and Boston in 2015. The Club plans to do the same in San Antonio this coming fall and hopes to be joined by many of its members.

– The Monogram Club has taken part in Habitat for Humanity builds that have been sponsored by the Notre Dame athletics department (pictured).

– The Club also has partnered with the Lou’s Lads/Bread of Life Drive (BOLD), which is an annual two-week food drive which normally culminates in many parts of the country in mid-March.

– A way to help fellow Monogram winners in need is through the Monogram Club’s Catastrophic Relief/Heaton Fund. It is a need-based fund intended to assist Monogram winners faced with catastrophic problems of health and/or financial problems. Monogram Club members can contribute to the Catastrophic Relief/Heaton Fund during the Club’s annual membership campaign. Learn more about the Catastrophic Relief/Heaton Fund.

– Service projects can come in a variety of forms and the Monogram Club is proud anytime its members take the opportunity to be engaged in their community!


Support all generations of Monogram winners by attending Notre Dame games/events and Monogram Club functions both on campus and across the country.

One of the most meaningful ways to be engaged with the Monogram Club is by supporting the current generation of Fighting Irish student-athletes. Sometimes it’s difficult to make it back to campus, however your physical support of Notre Dame athletics and the Monogram Club often can take place within driving distance of your home.

– Notre Dame teams schedule contests from coast to coast and everywhere in between. View full Notre Dame athletics schedule.

– The Monogram Club also has made it a priority to bring itself out to its members. Within the past few months the Club has held events in Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

– Keep an eye out in upcoming additions of Inside Irish of where the Fighting Irish and the Monogram Club are headed next! And, of course, the Monogram Club hopes to see many of its members this fall inside the Monogram Room at the Club’s football pre-game receptions.

– Those individuals who are looking to go above and beyond the support they’ve already provided Notre Dame athletics by being a valuable member of the Monogram Club can check out the Rockne Heritage Fund. Click here to learn more about the Rockne Heritage Fund.

– Another great way to support the University of Notre Dame is to take part in the annual Notre Dame Day, which is a global celebration of the Notre Dame mission that engages, informs, and inspires people to take action and give back. Click here to learn more about Notre Dame Day.


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Show the Monogram Club how you are taking part in M.A.S.S. by sending an email to or connecting with the Club on social media and use #NDMonogram100. You can also reach the Monogram Club at 574-631-5450.