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• A networking program that connects current Notre Dame student-athletes with Monogram winners and other supporters of the Monogram Club.
• Monogram Career Network (MCN) helps support the mission of educating the total student-athlete, as well as the greater objective of the Notre Dame athletics department, which is to empower students to achieve their absolute best in all of their endeavors.
• MCN strives to deliver on the 40-year promise that is bestowed upon Notre Dame student-athletes.
• By partnering with the MCN, Notre Dame student-athletes are provided with tremendous resources to build strong relationships that will prepare them to achieve their professional aspirations after graduation.
• Notre Dame student-athletes have tremendous skills that are coveted in the professional world. Those traits include leadership, teamwork, maturity, time management and the ability to problem solve, yet due to their athletic obligations it is difficult to find internships and/or full-time employment opportunities with firms that can accommodate their athletic requirements and give proper consideration to gaps in their resume that result from adherence to their athletic obligations.
• The MCN, with former student-athletes as mentors, is uniquely positioned to support the needs of the current student-athlete as they prepare for and pursue their career goals.

• Former student-athletes and friends of the Monogram Club who offer career advice and networking opportunities.

• Student-athletes reach out to the MCN or the Student-Athlete Careers Program Director to begin focusing on industry opportunities.
• Based on feedback, appropriate MCN connections are facilitated. Students then take the initiative to establish relationships with Mentors who provide professional insight and guidance.

• MCN and Mentors work with institutions’ human resource departments to create opportunities that fit candidates’ circumstances and opens doors to relationships with Notre Dame Career Services.

• Provide industry advice to current student-athletes.
• Host student-athletes at your organization for a job shadow opportunity or as part of a career trek.
• Attend MCN events.

If you are interested in being involved with the Monogram Career Network, please contact Monogram Club Associate Director Matt Weldy at or by calling (574) 631-2909.

“The Monogram Career Network exemplifies the ongoing, team commitment to the well-being of all that have shared in the unique experience of being a Monogram winner. Through career guidance, support and advocacy it serves as a tremendous resource for all to access.”

– Brant Ust (’00, baseball), Monogram Club Executive Director

“Anything that connects current and former student-athletes is invaluable. That connection helps us to make good on the promise we make to students when they come here that they will join a community that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Monogram Club members play a critical role in helping us deliver on that promise when they build those relationships, when they make themselves available, when they’re a resource in any way, but especially in terms of furthering the careers of students at Notre Dame.”

– Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame Vice President/Director of Athletics

“Notre Dame graduates love to help fellow alumni and current students for no other reason than the common bond we all share as graduates from this amazing institution. Monogram winners share an even deeper bond, as they have walked a mile in the shoes of a student-athlete and they understand the challenges faced on a daily basis. These people are often the greatest champions for student-athletes, their biggest advocates, and the most willing to assist with career discernment and networking. Connecting with a Monogram winner provides student-athletes with another set of ears when it comes to career advice. These relationships can lead to a potential job connection, internship guidance, and much more.”

– Stephanie Felicetti (’09, softball), former Student-Athlete Careers Program Director