Sept. 8, 2011

Q.Michael, as one of the leaders of this team right now, that’s a tough loss. Why are you convinced in your heart of hearts that this team will bounce back and play an outstanding game Saturday and win that game?

Michael Floyd: I think with the leadership we have on this team and the seniors that we have, you know, we won’t dwell on that loss. And we have a long season ahead of us. And that one game just can’t make up for the whole season. We just need to make sure we put that behind us and practice like we want to win this week and go out there and compete.

Q. When you watch film of the Michigan defense this year, what are you seeing? How do you evaluate them?

Michael Floyd: I feel like they have a lot of confidence. They play a lot of man to man from what I’ve seen. I don’t know if that will change playing us. But if it doesn’t, a lot of guys have an opportunity to win versus one on one.

Q. One of the keys to their win last week was not only turning Western Michigan over but they turned two of those turnovers into touchdowns. And you guys had a tough time with turnovers. What is your focus this week making sure that aspect of the game doesn’t impact the game?

Michael Floyd: Like I said after the game Saturday, we can’t make mistakes. Mistakes is what killed us last week. So we’ve got to take care of the ball. And we’re making a big emphasis on that this week to make sure we take care of the ball and everything we do, and just practicing, making sure that when we run out with the ball that people are hitting it, making sure that we do get contact on the ball, making sure that we’re keeping the ball high and tight.

Q. Tell me your reaction, as you were walking off the field, after the first half on Saturday and you heard the boos coming down from the crowd.

Michael Floyd: You know, it was difficult knowing that the fans were frustrated at our play. And we know that we had to come out there and play a better second half than what we did in the first half. And I think we did that.

Q. Were you able to tune those out at all?

Michael Floyd: That doesn’t really bother me too much. And I hope it didn’t bother any of our teammates. You know, we’ve just got to stay focused and stay positive. And we know what we can do, and just making sure we don’t make critical errors.

Q. Going into Michigan now, how do you tune out the crowds there as opposed to the crowd here?

Michael Floyd: You just gotta have some composure and stay focused and make sure the fans don’t get to you. Because if they do, they’re going to take you out of your game. Just make sure you stay focused and do what the task is at hand and get the job done.

Q. Have Coach Kelly or any of the assistants talked to you about it being the first night game at Michigan and what the crowd can be like?

Michael Floyd: Not too much, it’s just a regular game, just the sky’s dark. There’s nothing too big. And it’s on a different channel.

Q. You and Tommy had a lot of success sort of as a connection late last year. Obviously 10 receptions after halftime Saturday. Is there something about the rapport that you guys have?

Michael Floyd: We’re friends. And I think he knows what I’m capable of doing. And I guess the coverage that they give us is, he sees it open, so he throws it. There’s nothing too big about that. What they give us is what we take.

Q. Can you describe his personality? Not necessarily comparing him to anybody, just his personality, what’s he like?

Michael Floyd: Kind of a low key kind of guy, kind of shy. Once you get to know him, it brings out the best of him.

Q. Quarterbacks always have to be leaders. He’s low key. A lot of other guys have said that. How does he lead? You think of quarterbacks as being

Michael Floyd: Just executing the plays, executing the throws. I don’t know if we expect him so much to be that vocal leader, because I think there’s some guys on the offensive side that can take control of that, like me. I don’t expect him to speak to the team. So I’ll take that for him. And just as long as he executes and makes the right plays and the right calls, that’s what we want him to do.

Q. A lot of the mistakes made in the game were by leaders of the team, seniors, juniors, guys with a lot of playing time. Has that been discussed inside the locker room, that you guys need to kind of pull together and clean that up?

Michael Floyd: Yeah. And us being seniors and juniors, playing, we know we can’t make mistakes like that. Before the game we knew that if we make mistakes, this was going to cost us the game. And unfortunately that’s what happened. So we look back at that game and we noticed we made a lot of mistakes that we can’t make coming into this game, and going away to somebody else’s stadium, because that will get to you. So making sure we don’t make mistakes like that again and correct them and move on.

Q. Do you recall just the first time you ever met Tommy, what your impressions were of him? Everyone is saying he’s a low key guy. What really stood out about him? How did you eventually develop a rapport with him?

Michael Floyd: He has some heart. After him taking a couple of hits, and having the quarterback stand up and stay in the pocket and take hits like that, it’s really encouraging to the wide receivers and the whole offense that he can sit in there and take hits and still deliver the ball.

Q. How out of the ordinary is that to see a freshman or even an early enrollee freshman step right in there and pull right in?

Michael Floyd: It’s kind of weird. Kind of different just knowing coming from high school and to playing elite college football. Kind of surprising that a freshman quarterback can do that.

Q. Going back to Michigan, what’s the hardest part about waiting around during a night game? How do you stay active and stay focused for eight hours?

Michael Floyd: I think that’s just extra time to watch film and making sure that you know what you’re doing out there, making sure that you know all the play calls and making sure that you execute when it’s time to come game time.

Q. How does Cierre’s ability to average five yards a carry open up the passing game for yourself and the other receivers?

Michael Floyd: That’s a huge lift off our shoulders knowing that the defense has to worry about the running game, too. And when they have to worry about both kind of things, passing and running, makes it kind of easier for us and it makes it easy for him to be able split through holes and get five, six yards for us.

Q. Has there been renewed focus in practice maybe on blocking on the perimeter and, how much pride do you take in your ability to block?

Michael Floyd: It’s a huge responsibility to me. And I feel it’s a big thing for the other wide receivers, too. You never know when someone is going to pop out of the back field, making sure that we do our job. And that’s catching balls but also run blocking on the perimeter.

Q. How aware are you where you are on the school’s reception record list? You’ve moved up. You already won in two of the categories. Is that important to you? Are you aware of it?

Michael Floyd: I think you guys know more about that than I do. I don’t worry about that too much. And I didn’t come back this year to break records. I came back to graduate, and I saw that this team had high expectations and could do great things this year. And I never worried about the records, breaking them or anything like that. I just play the game.

Q. I know it wasn’t your decision, but were you surprised at all by the quarterback change?

Michael Floyd: Not necessarily surprised. I really had no say to it. And that’s what I’m going to stick with. The decision was made by Coach Kelly, and us wide receivers and the whole offense and basically the whole team has to deal with it.