May 16, 2008

The Monogram Club now keeps a special candle constantly glowing in the Grotto for members to visit and express their special intentions and prayers. The next time you are on campus, please stop by the Grotto.

We’re looking forward to seeing Monogram Club members prior to and during Reunion Weekend. Irish athletics director Kevin White and his wife Jane will once again graciously host the Monogram Club Summer Party on May 28 at their home. The 2008 Riehle Open begins the next day and the Monogram Club will wrap up its events with a casual lunch Friday in the Monogram Room. If you have not already done so, please be sure to register on-line at:

Just as a reminder, the Brennan-Boland-Riehle Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to qualified undergraduate students who are children of Monogram Club members. One of the more significant endowed scholarship funds that the University of Notre Dame administers, the BBRSF offers a maximum award of 50 percent of the student’s normal work and loan component of the financial-aid package. Last year, 26 students received a total of just over $200,000 in aid. If you have a child that is eligible for the BBRSF, simply attach a letter to your child’s financial aid application which states that you are a dues-paying member of the Monogram Club and would like to receive assistance from the BBRSF.

Congratulations to the new members of the Monogram Club Board of Directors – Dr. Chuck Aragon, 1981, track; Jim Dee, 1984, baseball; Greg Dingens, 1986, football; Brian Short, 1972, swimming; and Kerrie Wagner, 1989, golf.

Thanks again for your continued support of Notre Dame athletics. Go Irish.

Jim Fraleigh
Executive Director