Feb. 6, 2000

Box Score

EVANSTON, Ill. — The Notre Dame men’s fencing team dropped just 17 bouts in six matches for a 6-0 day, while the women’s fencing team lost just one in a 5-1 day at Northwestern. The Irish men beat Chicago 25-2, Purdue 23-4, Lawrence 23-4, Northwestern 25-2, Minnesota 24-3 and Case Western Reserve 24-3 to improve to 14-2 on the season. The women defeated Chicago 24-3, Purdue 23-4, Lawrence 27-0, Minnesota 22-5 and Case Western Reserve 24-3 and lost 15-12 to Northwestern. Notre Dame’s next meet will be held on Sun., Feb. 13, at Detroit.

Freshmen foilist Ozren Debic and Forest Walton led the men’s team each with 13-0 record. Sophomore Steve Mautone also won 13 foil bouts. Junior All-American sabreman Andrzej Bednarski led the team with a 15-0 record, while sophomore All-American Gabor Szelle went 13-0. Freshman Matt Fabricant added 11 wins. Sophomore All-American epeeist Brian Casas finished 12-0, while senior James Gaither chipped in nine victories.

On the women’s side, freshman epeeist Anna Carnick led the team with a 13-0 record, while freshman Meagan Call was 11-2. Freshman sabre Natalia Mazur went 13-1, and freshman foilist Liza Boutsikaris had a 13-0 record.