Meet freshman outside hitter Maddie Plumlee.

Meet The Volleyball Freshmen: Maddie Plumlee

Aug. 26, 2014

The University of Notre Dame volleyball team welcomed six freshmen to the program two weeks ago as preseason practice got underway. The group comes to ND from California, Indiana, Kansas and Ohio and covers pretty much every position on the court. In a new Q&A series, it’s time for Irish fans to meet the group and learn a little more about them leading up to Notre Dame’s first match at No. 12 Minnesota August 29. For previous segments with Maddie Dilfer, Sam Fry, Natalie Johnson, Jo Kremer and Sydney Kuhn, click here, here, here, here and here.
Lastly: Outside Hitter Maddie Plumlee.
Hometown: Winona Lake IN
High School: Saint Mary’s School
Potential Major: Business
The best thing about my hometown: It’s a small town
Favorite place on campus so far: The grotto
What drew me to Notre Dame: Its religious foundation as well as the tradition it upholds
A hobby that most people wouldn’t know about: I travel a lot
Favorite app on phone: Instagram
Sport I’d play if it wasn’t volleyball: Tennis
Game-day superstition: None
What makes volleyball so special to me: Volleyball is really special to me because of how close you and your teammates become when we’re all trying to accomplish the same goal.
Favorite food: Mac and cheese
Favorite TV Show: The Office
Secret (or not so secret) talent: I can turn my arm around 360 degrees
How would your teammates describe you: Quiet. Blonde.
Personal possession I couldn’t live without: My phone
The people I look up to the most and why: My brother, Mason, because he is constantly overcoming adversity set by others.